Modular Mac Pro won't release until 2021

Apple has just officially confirmed that the long-awaited modular Mac Pro will not be released until 2019. In the meantime, professionals can always look to the iMac Pro or the MacBook Pro.

Techcrunch indeed had the opportunity to speak at length with several executives of the company. Firmly determined to learn more about the company's next “professional” machine, our colleagues took the opportunity to ask them about the next edition of the Mac Pro.

Modular Mac Pro Wont Release Until 2019

Against all expectations, the executives on site did not try to escape or drown the fish.

The modular Mac Pro will be for 2019

Tom Bogar indicated that the new Mac Pro was not yet finalized and that it will not be until next year: “We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro customers, so we want to let them know that the Mac Pro will be released in 2019 ” .

Contrary to what many thought – or rather hoped – the new Mac Pro will therefore not be ready for this year and pro customers of the brand will have to take their troubles patiently or move towards the other two “professional” machines present. in the catalog of the firm, namely the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro.

Tom Bogar didn't stop there, however. After recognizing that the previous edition of the Mac Pro did not necessarily meet the needs of professionals, the man thus wished to reassure his future customers by declaring that the team in charge of the development of the machine now had a much better understanding of the expectations and needs of companies and freelancers: “There is a real need from our customers and this is the direction we are heading. There is clearly a need for modularity, but it is also clear that the form factor of the iMac or MacBook Pro can be very relevant ” .

Apple got you

In other words, the man half-confirmed that the Mac Pro will indeed be a modular machine like the early iterations of the lineup. Professionals can therefore make it evolve according to their needs and adapt its configuration to their workflow .

However, Apple also doesn't bury its all-in-ones and laptop. The opposite would have been surprising anyway.

Still, for the moment, the most demanding customers are not really spoiled for choice.

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