Mozilla takes Yahoo as the default search engine in Firefox!

For years that lasts, we are well used to, when performing a search on Firefox, being automatically redirected to Google, unless we have previously selected another site of course. Google pays for this default search engine position, and it is even from there that Mozilla gets a large part of what allows it to subsist.

But for some time now, Mozilla has decided to change all that a little, and seeks to free itself from Google in order to remain as independent as possible. This is how sponsored tiles, and therefore advertising, recently arrived in Firefox . And so there is also change on the default search engine side.

Mozilla Takes Yahoo As The Default Search Engine In Firefox

Indeed, Mozilla has just announced a new partnership with Yahoo. Signed over five years, this partnership will offer the place of default search engine in Firefox to Yahoo, which thus comes before Google in the order of priorities.

Be careful, however, only the United States seems to be affected for the moment: from December, Firefox in the United States will offer Yahoo and not Google as the default search engine. As for the other countries, nothing has been announced, so we can assume that nothing changes and that Google will stay.

It's strange, but that's how it is. In addition, be aware that the change affects both the computer version and the mobile version of Firefox.

What we are wondering now is what could have happened? Would Google have decided on its own to stop or reduce this partnership? Or has Yahoo offered more on the table? Or did Mozilla simply want to try something else?

The answers to these questions are not really there today. Chris Bear, CEO of Mozilla, in fact simply indicated that the agreement with Google was reaching its year of renewal, and that the red panda company had thus seen an “ opportunity to review [its] competitive strategy ”. From there, we deduce a bit of everything and anything.

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