Mu6 Space 2 review, the headset that will take care of your ears

Mu6 made a name for itself in 2019 by launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, a campaign focusing on high-end headphones at a discounted price. A year later, the brand returned to the charge with the Space 2 , an even more successful helmet.

This helmet has been with me for several weeks and the time has come to present its test to you.

Mu6 Space 2 review, the headset that will take care of your ears

Choosing a new helmet is never easy as there are so many references on the market. And by side effect, it is not easy to launch and promote a new product in this segment either.

Not when you are facing giants such as Sony, Jabra Plantronics, Beats or Sennheiser.

To put the odds on its side, Mu6 has therefore focused on innovation, with functions that we do not necessarily see elsewhere.

And if this test will of course come back to these innovations, it will also focus on the design or even the sound reproduction of the headphones.

The helmet is on sale at Amazon with a 20 € discount coupon valid until March 31. In addition, the space2 code entitles you to an additional € 10 reduction, for a price set below € 180 .

Design & Ergonomics

The Mu6 Space 2 is therefore sold in a very classy black box, with a lot of visuals and information in spades. And on this land, the manufacturer is making great promises. It evokes in particular a quality ANC, optimal comfort and above all an original and intelligent navigation system.

When you open the box, you come across … another box. Or rather on a cover since the Space 2 is sold with its transport bag.

Fairly conventional, the latter is black and we find the logo of the brand on its top cover, as well as a cable gland.

By opening the cover, you will fall directly on the helmet, with a foam tab in which two cables have been slipped: a jack and a charging cable. Nothing else in sight.

The Space 2 has a rather classic look. Mu6 opted for a black plastic without any color hints of any kind.

While some would undoubtedly have liked a more original design, there is all the same an advantage to this clean and minimalist look: the helmet will go well with all outfits … and all tastes.

Mu6 opted for a fairly compact form factor. The ear cups of the helmet can indeed fold up against the hoop to save a little space. Nothing very original here either, therefore, since all helmets of this type offer more or less the same design.

On the other hand, if there is one point on which the Space 2 stands out, it is of course comfort. Mu6 made it big and the headset is extremely comfortable to wear, whether on the headband or on the ear cups. The manufacturer has indeed placed foam reinforcements in strategic places and the Space 2 will have no trouble being forgotten once in place.

But this comfort also contributes to the quality of the sound reproduction of the headphones. The atria are wide and deep enough to encompass the entire ear. Better yet, the manufacturer has opted for high density foam, which translates into better insulation.

And the comfort is there. I have indeed used the helmet a lot during the last two weeks. With the closure of schools, I have the joy of sharing my daily life with my three daughters. In a way, you can say that Space 2 saved my life. Or theirs, it depends.

The ergonomics are quite original, which also means that some adaptation time will be necessary.

Two buttons are located on the back of the left ear cup. The first will switch between normal listening mode, listening mode with ANC and transparency mode. In the latter case, the Space 2 will let through the sounds of our environment so that we do not find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

But this button will have another use. If you double tap it, then you will wake up your voice assistant. Either Siri if you use an iPhone or Google Assistant if you use an Android smartphone.

The second button is only used to power on the headset and to know the status of its battery.

To control your music, you will need to focus your attention on the right ear cup. It is indeed equipped with a tactile surface and it will thus be able to recognize different gestures.

A horizontal slide will allow you to go from track to track. The same for the vertical will allow you to increase or decrease the volume. And to pause your music playback – or restart it – you will have to tap the headset once with your hand.

As a bonus, we have another possible action: conversation mode. It is activated by placing the hand flat against the headset and it allows the volume to be reduced in an instant while activating the transparency mode. It will allow you to chat with someone else without having to remove the headset.

It will of course take some adaptation time, but once you get used to the navigation mode of the headset then it will be very difficult to go back, in reality these gestures are ultimately very natural and they offer more flexibility than simple buttons when it comes to interaction. Ah, and of course if you take the headphones off then the sound will automatically mute. And then it will restart if you put it back.

Charging will be done through the USB Type-C connector placed on the left ear cup.

Mu6 Space 2 review, the headset that will take care of your earsMu6 Space 2 review, the headset that will take care of your ears

Functions & Sound Rendering

So of course, when it comes to audio, design is only part of the problem. And in general, when buying headphones, we focus mainly on the quality of its sound reproduction. The time has come to address this point.

Mu6 promises an exceptional sound rendering with a nice balance in the bass, midrange and treble.

Technically, it must be recognized that the offer seems solid. There is a DSP supplied by Yamaha with support for AAC, aptX and aptX LL, not to mention Bluetooth 5.

I'm not going to give you a lecture, it's also not really my part, but be aware that aptX is actually an audio codec.

Basically, the very first algorithm was developed in the 1980s, but the technology changed hands several times before being acquired by Qualcomm. Still, aptX is characterized by high transmission quality, with a bit rate of 350 Kbits. Either a quality equivalent to that of the CD. The aptX LL, or aptX Low Latency, is mainly used to reduce the latency between a sending device and a receiving device. It therefore improves the quality of the signal.

In fact, the Space 2 is indeed capable of reproducing good quality sound, with a balance that is difficult to criticize. The bass is very present, but it does not crush the mids or the treble. We really feel that Mu6 has made great efforts.

And the same goes for the ANC, which will manage to eliminate most of the noise from our environment.

In this regard, it should be noted that I have not had the opportunity to push the helmet to its limits either. I started testing it a few days before containment, so I couldn't see what it looked like on public transport or even on the plane.

Since the arrival of the Covid-19 in France, all press trips have in fact been suspended.

So I mostly used the helmet in town and at home, with a 6 year old little girl and two 13 and 16 year old teenagers. And frankly, it's okay.

There is also an interesting point. The headset actually offers two levels of ANC. If you install the Mu6 mobile application on your smartphone and launch it, you can indeed switch from a normal profile to a strong profile. Also in this application, you will also find settings that will allow you to activate automatic shutdown or even playback / pause when you put the headphones back on and off.

And that's all. Unfortunately, the app doesn't go further and it doesn't even give a hand on any equalizer.

It's a shame and it's ultimately the only downside of this helmet. I would have liked Mu6 to go a little further on this ground.

Mu6 Space 2 review, the headset that will take care of your earsMu6 Space 2 review, the headset that will take care of your ears

In conclusion

It must be admitted, the Space 2 has solid arguments to seduce. The headset is light, comfortable and it is even capable of reproducing very good sound, with a particularly satisfactory balance.

I also really liked its ANC and transparent mode which offers a lot of flexibility in everyday life. And the only notable flaw, finally, comes from its application which does not go far enough.

Now we must also talk about money. Normally, the helmet is 249 €, but Mu6 has implemented a coupon giving the right to a 20% discount.

It is only valid until March 31 , but it will allow you, with the additional code space2, to obtain the helmet for 174 € .

And here, I will be very clear, the price / quality ratio is completely crazy and you will not be able to find better for this price.

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