Mychart cone health review – updated 2023

Access Your Health Records Online with MyChart from Cone Health

MyChart is an innovative patient portal offered by Cone Health that gives you convenient 24/7 online access to your personal medical records. With MyChart you can view test results, schedule appointments, request prescriptions, and securely message your doctors, all from your computer or mobile device.

Key Features of MyChart

Some of the key features of MyChart that make managing your healthcare simple and efficient include:Cone Health | Greensboro NC

  • Scheduling appointments online based on available times rather than calling during business hours. You can book with primary care providers as well as specialists.
  • Requesting prescription refills and checking on status rather than calling the pharmacy. MyChart sends the request directly to your healthcare team.
  • Messaging your doctor with non-urgent health questions and getting a reply within a few days through secure messaging. This avoids playing phone tag.
  • Accessing health records like immunizations, medications, allergies, and visit summaries to view your health history in one place.

Signing Up is Easy

Registering for MyChart is simple and only takes a few minutes. On the Cone Health website or mobile app, click sign up and enter some basic information like your name, date of birth, and email address.  Then you need to provide the code given to you at a Cone Health clinic to confirm your identity. Once verified, you can start using MyChart’s convenient online access to your health data.

Proxy Access for Caregivers

With MyChart, you can also grant proxy access to caregivers like parents or spouses. This allows them to log in to your MyChart account and view your health information. Proxy access is useful for caregivers managing a child’s or elderly parent’s healthcare. Grant proxy access during registration or from the MyChart account settings.

Benefits of Connecting to Your Health Digitally

There are many benefits to having your health records available through the MyChart patient portal:

  • Improved engagement since you can view test results and appointment details whenever needed. You don’t have to wait for letters or calls.
  • Better care coordination between you and your providers when you can message doctors with questions securely.
  • More convenient access to your health history from anywhere, anytime – no need for office visits to get immunization records or other paperwork.
  • Peace of mind knowing your test results and records are available at your fingertips while still being kept private and secure.

So sign up for MyChart today and take control of your health! Cone Health offers this healthcare patient portal to make managing your medical care easier.

Using MyChart to Manage Your Medical Records


MyChart is an online patient portal that provides convenient access to your medical records and healthcare providers. With MyChart, you can view test results, request prescription refills, schedule appointments, and securely message your doctors – all online.

Accessing Your MyChart Account

You can also request access codes through the MyChart website. Once registered, simply go to the MyChart website or mobile app and log in with your username and password anytime to access your account. If you forget your login info, you can reset your password using email verification.Key Features of MyChart

Viewing Health Records

In the Health section of MyChart, you can see your medications, allergies, immunizations, lab results and other test results. Trends and graphs help you track results over time. Discharge summaries, medical history, and other documents are also available.Mychart Login Cone Health

Managing Appointments

You can schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments through MyChart. The system is connected directly to your provider’s appointment calendar. You can also complete pre-visit questionnaires online.

Communicating with Your Care Team

The messaging feature allows you to securely communicate with your doctors and care coordinators. You can get answers to medical questions or follow up on your care.

Accessing Billing and Insurance

MyChart provides you with electronic access to billing statements, payment options, and your health insurance information. You can pay medical bills directly through the portal.

Sharing Your Record

With proxy access, you can share your MyChart account with family members or caregivers. This allows them to help manage your medical care by viewing your information.Best Eye Clinic - Alamance Eye Center Burlington, NC - Top Optometrists -  YouTube

Getting the Most from MyChart

  • Update your personal profile details like demographics and contact information to keep your account accurate.
  • Set notification preferences so you receive emails or texts when results become available or appointments are scheduled.
  • Use the mobile app for on-the-go access to your health data from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Explore all sections of MyChart to understand the full functionality available for managing your healthcare online.
  • Contact your healthcare organization’s MyChart support team if you need assistance with registration or using features.Cone Health Pharmacy Residency on X: "Happy first week of rotations,  everyone! How are all of our #newpractitioners feeling?! To all of the  seasoned pharmacist out there- any advice you wish you

MyChart puts your health records at your fingertips digitally. Leverage its online access and tools to participate more actively in your medical care.



Here are the 8 most frequently asked questions about mychart cone health:


**1. What is MyChart?**

MyChart is an online patient portal offered by Cone Health that gives patients secure access to their medical records and allows communication with healthcare providers. Key features include viewing test results, scheduling appointments, requesting prescriptions, and messaging doctors.

**2. How do I sign up for a MyChart account?**

You can sign up for a free MyChart account on the Cone Health website or mobile app. Provide personal information like your name, birthdate, and email to register. You will get a code at a Cone Health clinic visit to confirm your identity and complete setup.

**3. What type of health information can I see in MyChart?**

In MyChart you can view test results, discharge summaries, medications, allergies, immunizations, visit summaries, and other health records. Trends and graphs help you track lab results over time.

**4. Can I message my doctor through MyChart?**

Yes, the messaging feature allows you to securely communicate with your healthcare team and get non-urgent questions answered, avoiding phone tag. Replies are typically within a few days.

**5. How do I schedule an appointment in MyChart?**

You can book, reschedule or cancel appointments directly in MyChart based on available times shown. The system connects right to your provider’s appointment calendar.

**6. Is MyChart secure?**

Yes, MyChart uses encryption and other security measures to protect your medical information. Only healthcare professionals involved in your care can access your account.

**7. Can I pay bills through MyChart?**

Yes, MyChart gives you electronic access to billing statements and payment options. You can view insurance information and pay medical bills directly through the portal.

**8. How do I get help with MyChart?**

Contact Cone Health’s MyChart support team by calling 336-832-4278 or clicking the “Help” link in your MyChart account. You can also access tutorial videos in the Learning Library.