Mystarbelly Reviews 2021 is the shop that has children’s toys packed with light-up bellies and dream candles. The attractive toys are children’s speeches, and play is the language. Hence the company designed the toys with high-quality material and uttermost care to give soft, cosy, and comfortable cuddly sleep. Check this indepth review about toys you can get there.

All the plushes are comfortable and soft, and can be taken with ease on long journeys due to their durability. They’re a perfect investment for children of any age.

Mystarbelly Ages Pink
mystarbelly ages pink

Star Belly Dream LitesTM lights up the ceiling like sorcery! With 6 colours to choose from, your child will have endless fun picking up their favourite colour! Star Belly Dream LitesTM designs white, pink, brown, light blue, grey, amber.

It took about 1 week to deliver and it was on time with the est. delivery date. The product is very cute, so far seems like good quality ( we will see, I just received today) . My child (3 yo) is in love with it she first fell in love after seeing it on the tv commercial and was thrilled to finally get one. However be careful the projection is very bright and can injure the eyes. Knowing this now I probably would have waited a few years for something like this. Probably a better toy for like 5 years and up first thing my child did was try to look in the projection if the problem continues we will have to regift this to somebody else.

Mystarbelly Review Dynosaur Green
mystarbelly review dynosaur green

Your child will cycle through all six colors at once. Great for time to play and time to bed! Star Belly Dream LitesTM is available in a range of different plush friends to choose from and each with its own special personality! Collect all of them!

How trustworthy is

Let your child cuddle up next to their new favorite night time companion Star Belly Dream LitesTM!

 But my kid is an extreme rule-follower. He has had life-threatening food allergies his whole life, so he has grown up with a very healthy understanding of following rules meant to keep him safe. So that’s how I framed it. I explained that the light was very, very bright and could hurt his eyes if he looked right at it. I showed him how to lay it down in his bed, turn it on and switch modes. I reinforced the idea that, while the light is on, it’s not a snuggle friend. It has to just lay there. Because he can only see the lights projected on his ceiling when the pup is laying flat on his bed, especially, he didn’t question this at all.
Mystarbelly Reviews Toys For Kids 2
In the morning, he was excited to tell me all about his night with his new puppy. When it turned off automatically, he just turned it back on. He changed the color of the lights and watched it til he fell asleep. Later, when the light turned off again, he picked it up and snuggled with it. In the morning, when he was awake but he knew he wasn’t supposed to get up yet, he laid it back down, turned the lights on, and watched them spin.

So, for us, this pup was a huge win. It’s definitely worth thinking about your child’s age and how they might handle a toy with so many rules and a big safety risk. But my son did great with it.

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Mystarbelly Amazon Review 1
mystarbelly amazon review 1


The puppy seems well-made. Its fur is very soft and snuggly. The sparkly ear and feet area little rougher, as are the eyes and nose, but this didn’t seem to make a difference to my son in terms of its snuggliness.

The buttons are easy to operate and do take a little force to push in, so I’m not worried my son might trigger one while he’s sleeping. It’s worth taking some time to read the instructions about how to operate the different modes so you can explain them to your child right away (mine hates it when I hand him a new toy but make him wait while I flip through pages to tell him how to use it).

Mystarbelly Amazon Review
mystarbelly amazon review

The compartment that houses the electrical workings is accessible by velcro on the bottom of the puppy. It fits securely, and although my son could pull it open, he can’t get into any trouble in there. It’s cuddly, and the projector is really effective. The lights are quite bright regardless of which color you set for the lights. I like the 20 minute automatic shut-off feature, too.

 The batteries are behind a screwed on lid, and the component box is securely fastened in there so it can’t be pulled out at all.
Star Belly Scam
star belly scam


The light show is really neat! And watching the lights across his ceiling really helped my son settle down to sleep much faster than usual, so that was awesome.

Mystarbelly Reviews Toys For Kids
mystarbelly reviews toys for kids

Overall, this puppy is a great addition to our family. My son loves it. And I’m comfortable that the risk to him from the lights is low because I know he’s very good at following directions and rules meant to keep him safe.

    I found a mix of the customers both positive and negative some buyers are happy and satisfied with the children’s toys and dream lights. Some stated that the toy is harmful to children eyes especially for young age ones and some say they did not receive a product on time and there is late delivery of the product.

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