Netflix: a Chrome extension to stop wasting time

After a certain number of episodes of your favorite series on Netflix, it often happens that you want to immediately take action and ignore the summary part of the previous episodes and the musical sequence at the beginning.

This is not easy on the platform's online service: moving a few minutes on the reading track by pulling the gauge was the only way to do it. One manipulation among many others that Martin Suchy intends to improve by providing users with an extension for Google Chrome: Netflix Extended .

Netflix A Chrome Extension To Stop Wasting Time


The extension will allow the user to skip all the intro and summary part, and also provides them with several keyboard shortcuts intended to improve the experience of watching a video on Netflix.

Shortcuts to simplify your life

Here are some examples of shortcuts that will make your home theater sessions with Netflix more enjoyable. From now on, you just have to use the “N” (Next) key on the keyboard to go to the next episode and “B” (Back) to go back to the previous one.

The "up" and "down" arrows will serve as shortcuts to increase and decrease the volume. The “M” key on your computer keyboard will be assigned to the mute / unmute tab function.

Another thing, now you can also view random video just by clicking "R". Nothing's easier !

Very practical features

In addition to these keyboard shortcuts, you can access other fairly interesting features by installing the Extended extension of Netflix: the possibility of deactivating the sound of the trailer by default. And another which is great, the video playback is automatically suspended when you open another tab, the time to see emails or do research for example.

An additional option comes with this plugin. If the video is blocked for more than 5 seconds, it is automatically reloaded.

The extension can be configured to take into account your user preferences via the dedicated tab for the plugin in Google Chrome, moreover, Netflix Extended is available for free on the Chrome Web Store, for users of the web platform. of the streaming service.

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