Netflix has an idea to help you fall asleep

Netflix tests new features on its apps from time to time, and that is precisely the case right now. The Verge has indeed discovered that the streaming giant has implemented a very practical option on its Android application. An option that should interest those who like to watch from time to time an episode of their favorite series from the bottom of their bed.

Since its launch, Netflix has become one of the most popular services in the world.

Netflix has an idea to help you fall asleep
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And this success, the streaming giant owes it mainly to three things: the affordable cost of its subscription, the richness of its catalog and the universality of its application.

Netflix, a ubiquitous service

Because to enjoy the content of the platform, you don't necessarily have to wait to be in front of your TV. Thanks to the applications, you can also find the service from your smartphone, your touchscreen tablet or even your computer.

By side effect, this simplified access also had an impact on our habits. The members of a household no longer need to continuously share the same screen and everyone can therefore enjoy its content.

Better yet, you don't even have to wait until you get home to discover the new episode of your favorite series. Netflix is with us everywhere. In the RER, in the train, in the metro, in the plane, in the waiting room of his doctor, in his garden, or even… in his bed.

If this omnipresence of the service is very practical, it does not have only positive effects either. And if you're the type who sometimes watches a movie or series in your bed, then you might have fallen asleep in front of Netflix.

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A timer for those who watch Netflix in bed

This is obviously a problem, but the firm has obviously found a solution, a solution in the form of a timer directly integrated into the application.

Currently being tested with some Android users, the option in question works quite simply. Users will have access to a new button that will allow them to program a timer. They will then have the choice between four options: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or until the end of the content being read.

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Once the timer is set, Netflix will continue to run until the countdown reaches zero. And once that is done, Netflix will shut itself down, preserving the autonomy of your phone or tablet at the same time.

A practical function, therefore, and that we hope to see deployed throughout the fleet of the firm.

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