Netflix: how to remove programs from your resume with profile list

Netflix's catalog is so vast that it's sometimes difficult to navigate. Luckily, the streaming platform helps us by suggesting content that we might like. In some cases, it happens that the films and series that it offers us fail to captivate us. After a few minutes, we therefore find ourselves zapping in favor of other content.

When that happens, the programs we have skipped can be found in the "Resume with Profile" section. »The appearance of all this content in this pane may bother some users. Aware of this, the streaming giant has deployed a feature that allows them to be removed. She first debuted on the Netflix Android app, before coming to iOS.

Netflix: how to remove programs from your resume with profile list

Today, we show you how to clean in the section "Resume with the profile." "

Sort your list "Resume with profile"

To clean up your Resume with Profile list, it's simple. You will need to open the Netflix mobile app. Then go to the section "Resume with the profile of." After that, scroll through the list of contents that appear in this pane.

When you see the program you want to remove, tap the three vertical dots that appear below its thumbnail. The option "Remove from section" will then appear on your screen. Once you have clicked on it, the application will ask you to confirm your choice by clicking on "Remove." "

Manage your content as you wish

To remove several contents from this section, you will have to do it one by one. It can take quite a while, especially if you like to zap Netflix a lot. If you mistakenly removed a program that appeared in "Resume with profile from", you can easily reinstate it in your list.

To do this, all you need to do is go to the search bar, enter the name of the content you removed from the section and watch it for a few minutes. This program will automatically reappear in the list of content that you can watch later. As a reminder, Netflix also offers you the possibility to delete your history.

However, this manipulation has a small drawback. Titles that disappear from the history are no longer displayed in recommendations. To find them, it will therefore be necessary to do a search.

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