Netflix: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) recommends a series with Martin Scorsese

Netflix is still the leader in SVOD despite increasingly fierce competition. Disney is a hit like never before with Disney + and its popular series, like The Mandalorian (Star Wars) and WandaVision (Marvel). Amazon is also doing very well thanks to Prime and programs that work, The Boys in mind. Apple has also embarked on the adventure with Apple TV + which, although less popular, has been highly successful thanks to The Morning Show. Not to mention HBO Max, which will soon arrive in France and the newly announced Paramount +.

So to remain the leader, Netflix offers many more exclusive programs than the competition, such as The Irishman by Martin Scorsese, legendary filmmaker who is no longer presented.

Netflix: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) recommends a series with Martin Scorsese

Credit: Netflix

A filmmaker who appears in Netflix's Pretend It's a City series that Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, highly recommends in a video.

Pretend It's a City, the ideal series of confinement? Hugh Jackman thinks so

Pretend It's a City is a rather special series, but ideal for those who seek to philosophize and debate. A series presented by Martin Scorsese which also appears and based on the questions of Fran Lebowitz, author and ironist. The program takes place just before the COVID-19 pandemic and talks about several topics, between #MeToo, culture, artists, our generation and New York City . Suffice to say a series reserved for a certain audience but that Hugh Jackman, known to play Wolverine, recommends.

The Australian actor, who appeared once in the skin of the Marvel character in Logan, shares his love for the series . On Twitter, Hugh Jackman explains that Pretend It's a City is “ an… incredible series. It's on Netflix and [Martin] Scorsese did it. It speaks of Fran Lebowitz who is a great person of New York, humorist and writer ”. The Wolverine interpreter continues " it's hysterical, I laugh so hard , it reminds me how much I love this city and never had the chance to walk around without a phone, looking up, below, around me ”.

Having quickly understood the humor of Fran Lebowitz, Hugh Jackman thinks that the woman would have been " annoyed and repelled " that an actor she does not know recommends his series. The Australian actor then apologizes!

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