Netflix: the 5 new movies to watch in May 2021

Netflix has released the big game for the month of May. After rather calm weeks, the streaming giant will indeed open the floodgates and offer us a lot of content in the coming weeks.

After having toured the series to see in ma i, the time has come to do exactly the same for feature films. And this time, we invite you to discover the list of 5 films not to be missed in the coming weeks.

Netflix: the 5 new movies to watch in May 2021
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And we open the ball with a French thriller directed by the inescapable Alexandre Aja, to whom we owe in particular films like The Hill has eyes or the excellent Haute Tension.

This time, the director takes us on a stifling camera focusing on the story of a certain Liz, played by Mélanie Laurent. Liz who will wake up in a cryogenic unit, alone in the middle of nowhere and with limited oxygen reserves.

She will then do everything to remember her identity, an identity that could be the key to her survival.

Oxygen will be released on Netflix on May 12, 2021.

It is arguably the most anticipated film in May. After several very convincing trailers, the time has come to find out what Zack Snyder's Army of Dead has in store for us.

Produced only for Netflix, the film will take place, unsurprisingly, during a zombie apocalypse. Las Vegas has been overrun with brain-eaters and a quarantine zone has been set up all around the city, a city that no one has access to anymore.

This is precisely what will push a band of mercenaries to go there to attempt the most spectacular robbery in the history of robberies. But they will not all come back.

Army of The Dead is due out on Netflix on May 21, 2021.

Mutafukaz – animation

We change register with Mutafukaz, an animated film directed by Guillaume “Run” Renard.

The story focuses on Angelino, a loser living in Dark Meat City, a megalopolis located in California. He tries somehow to survive, by delivering pizza across town, to squat at night in a hotel room with a roommate. But now, following a scooter accident, our ordinary hero will start to develop strange hallucinations …

At least that's what he will think first.

Mutafukaz will be added to Netflix's catalog on May 24, 2021.

The red turtle – animation

We stay in the animation with La Tortue Rouge, which you may already know.

This time, the film follows the adventures of a castaway who will find himself stranded on a desert island, with only crabs, birds and… turtles as his companions. Isolated, left for dead, he will then begin an initiatory journey that will change everything.

The Red Turtle is due out on Netflix on May 27, 2021.

And we finish this file with Blue Miracle, a film by Julio Quintana which has a lot of headliners in its cast. Such as Dennis Quaid, Bruce McGill or Raymond Cruz.

The story centers on Casa Hogar, a Mexican boy's home, a home whose members showed up at the world's biggest fishing tournament in an attempt to save the establishment.

Blue Miracle will be available from May 27 on Netflix.

And we remind you that the list of all the news expected on Netflix in May 2021 awaits you in this file .

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