Nice changes in Firefox search

Firefox is definitely a lot of talk about it through the search function that it integrates lately. So, if recently we learned that Google was being ousted from the default search engine position in Firefox in favor of Yahoo in the United States, Mozilla also announced a novelty, namely major changes in the management of the search engines used. in the browser.

These changes should be there in the next version of Firefox, and you should normally be able to see them now in the Beta version of the free browser whose search space has been changed.

Nice Changes In Firefox Search

Without even starting a search, we immediately see a first change: the icon representing the active engine has been removed from the search bar itself, the traditional magnifying glass having taken its place.

But the biggest changes occur once the search has started: the search engine that will be used by default is highlighted and located at the top of this small box which then shows the search suggestions.

At the bottom of this frame, we find the other engines installed on Firefox: click on an icon, and your search is instantly launched on the engine thus selected. Remember that previously it was necessary to select the engine before performing the search, via the drop-down list located next to the icon which has disappeared in the search bar.

It will always be possible to organize the search engines, via a new tab which appears in the parameters menu where you can select the default engine as well as the different installed engines to display. Finally, it will always be possible to add new ones.

Very nice new features then, since the current search bar is quite old-fashioned and had not received major changes for some time now.

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