Hay day app make money ideas

How to make money in hay day: Hay Day is a freemium mobile farming game by Supercell. Hay Day for Android and iOS was released in November 2013. Hay Day and Clash of Clans brought approximately $30 million monthly in 2013. In 2013, Hay Day ranked fourth in revenue.
Getting money in Hay Day is easy with these three tips!


How to make money in hay day details

How to make money in hay day details

 Brief details about hay day – most profitable items:

hay day price list: I’ll keep growing and selling wheat. A full-price sale is problematic when a quick purchase is expected. Depending on what you grow, they’ll cost you a tenth of a penny. (I’ve observed that maize is similarly slow to sell.) Wheating provides in-game commodities, building materials, axes, and saws. 1 item every 75 harvests.

During coin events, only visitors may buy and sell. These people usually triple your prices and give you more than you sell. I watch for events or puzzle pieces when ordering boats (shows up at town reputation three and up)

I always have enough axes and saws to keep my farm neat. If you overplant, you’ll have dead animals and no tools.

How to Earn Coins is Tom. Buy diamonds for Tom. At 352, Cherry Popsicle gets the most coins per product. (Easy to sell an item) You send Tom out every 2 hours to buy nine popsicles. When you sell them, you earn a lot of money since they are cheap.

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How to make money in hay day insights

hay day cheats  insights

Tricks about how to make money in hay day

Tricks about How to make money in hay day

 How to make money in hay day  step by step:

1. errands for Tom

Tom does errands. Tom is level 14. Then he’s yours for the day. Profit! Then pay him 15 gems every day.

Hay Day makes money fast. Save your diamonds and employ Tom just sometimes.
Free Your Day

Buy Tom only if you’re free that day. You may send Tom to harvest things and crops every 2 hours. Purchase cheap items from him and resell them profitably at your roadside business. Get the priciest items for your level.
Tom’s List

Among the fruits are tom berries. These crops sell quickly because they grow slowly. Look for pricey products at a roadside shop. Send Tom after them to sell on the roadway. No one pays the total price at your farm. Choosi a roadside shop.


How to make money in hay day

How to make money in hay day

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in hay day?

hay day tips and tricks 2022: 2. Grow Wheat for Rare Things

Rare items are used to dig and clear land. Here’s how to get rare items in Hay Day. 2 min wheat planting/harvesting So cultivate wheat. An item from every 70 fields.

Visitors only want wheat if you offer everything else. They crave as you hoard. Sell it!

Sell your wheat for a penny or more. Low-priced items sell rapidly. This frees up silo room for uncommon wheat!

Then go back to crafting, questing, and filling your shop. Remember this approach to enhance your building’s property, or simply make money! Get seeds from Hay Day’s newspaper instead of diamonds!

Level skip

3. Advertise in Newspapers

The classified advertising in Hay Day’s journal is cheap. Find deals in the newspaper. Buy them to resell for more.

The newspaper will constantly have new ads. If you can’t find it, change the language choices. A new newspaper, new ads! I use this little trick all the time whether I’m searching for something or a deal.

Three simple ways to earn money in Hay Day! These are just a few options. Merely tried and true.

Could you notify me of updates to Tom?
No gems to buy crops.
– Wheat for unusual things.
Modify your newspaper’s text.

How to make money in hay day essential info

How to make money in hay day essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

hay day money glitch 2022: Can a barn keep hay?

It holds 50 creatures at level 1 and 1,000 at level 39. This goes on and on. The boards, duct tape, and bolts needed for the next renovation will take up more and more room in your barn.
Soil testing for hay crops


From levels 15 through 24, pumpkin costs 64.8 coins for each field or 324 coins for ten units. Each field costs 72 coins or 360 for ten units (level 25-29).
To get more money in Hay Day Hack,

Saving and gaining money: 6 hacks

– Prevent seed shortages
– Respect farm visitors. …
Enjoy your roadside stand. …
– Fearlessly refuse instructions. …
– Cash and expertise.

When do foxes go out?

Foxes are most active at night. They reside in a protected environment above or below ground.
Get foxes!

It’s easier to feed garden foxes their natural food. Exclude cooked or raw meat, canned dog food, and fox food like Wild Things. Apples and cheese are favorites of foxes.
Is Hay Day over?

This is Supercell’s second soft launch game removed. The servers will be shut down on February 1, 2020.
Is forestry profitable?

The primary producers are the profitable and eco-friendly high-value tree farming Traditionally saw, and pulp logs. Christmas tree farming yields ten times the profit per acre.
A tiny farm’s finest crop

Popular Specialty Crops

Lavendula, The adaptability of lavender may make it beneficial for small growers. …
– Fungi delice
– Growing trees and shrubs.
– maples jap. WILDS Garlic

Why do apple orchards need acres?

A small farm stand orchard requires five to ten acres, while a profitable orchard requires 50 to 100 acres.


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Horse reality smart tips to make money

How to make money in horse reality: Horse Reality is a free online horse simulator. It will teach you about horse breeds and color genetics.

This team updates all sites and articles. Some pages may not be correct. Keep checking back for updates!

Horse Reality has four. Each currency has various ways to get it. The menu’s top bar indicates your currency balance.


How to make money in horse reality details

How to make money in horse reality details

 Brief details about how to get wildlife tickets in horse reality:

horse reality update: Equinodes (HRC)

Horse Reality Coins (HRC) are the game’s currency. Your HRC balance menu item shows your transaction history and bank account.

HRC may also be used to buy horses on the market, buy up to 25 stables, buy a round pen, pay club dues, show or competition entry fees, stud fees, and buy Equistore merchandise.

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How to make money in horse reality insights

horse reality energy  insights

Tricks about how to make money in horse reality

Tricks about How to make money in horse reality

 How to make money in horse reality  step by step:

D.P. (D.P.)

Delta Points are named after Deloryan and Tamara. Click on your D.P. balance to check your transactions and buy D.P. for cash. New players start with no D.P. but get it as they level up.

Only DP may be bought with actual money, although they can also be earned (see table above). In-game D.P. gain slows when a player levels up. Earning D.P. is limited since they finance the game. But this money unlocks benefits and features. Consider the value of D.P. and your long-term plan while allocating them.

Delta Store decor and services cost D.P.:

A backdrop is a costume for your horses. Some are year-round, while others are seasonal. Removing a horse’s background recovers one use.
– 1st Class Air Ticket: Using a ticket decreases your cooldown by half.
– V.I.P.

Other uses for D.P. include:

(after the 25 purchased for H.R.C. and the 25 obtained by leveling up) – Ageing a horse for 75 D.P.
– Stud costs – Currency exchange – 500 DP (plus 1.500 HRC monthly).


How to make money in horse reality

How to make money in horse reality

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in horse reality?

horse reality foal predictor: Tickets for (FT)

Each horse costs FT. 1 FT and 5.000 HRC. 5 FT for newbies.

Birds Pass (WT)

WT is necessary to enter wild horse parks. 5 FT for newbies In a wildlife park, WT is diminished whether you capture or simply sight a wild horse.

How to make money in horse reality essential info

How to make money in horse reality essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

where is the bank in horse reality: Update its profile to sell it. 1 – 7 days trading. You may specify an auction’s start and end bids—either 1.000 HRC. See below for details. Until someone buys it, you accept the highest offer, or you actively cancel the contract. If not, the transaction will expire.


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How to make money in ffxiv

How to make money in ffxiv: In Final Fantasy XIV, you may mingle, grow your character, quest, discover lore, and earn money (Gil in this case). Money-making tactics in FFXIV differ significantly; some need hours of grinding while others require just minutes. Faster options are sometimes riskier, require more expertise, and require substantial initial expenditure.

That’s why we made this FFXIV Gil lesson. We created a point system to compare specific techniques. Find the greatest Gil earning activity for you. Depending on current market circumstances (demand, supply, and all that boring economic stuff), the amount of Gil obtained by doing any of the tasks mentioned below may fluctuate.


How to make money in ffxiv details

How to make money in ffxiv details

 Brief details about ffxiv how to make gil reddit:

ffxiv gil making discord: Eureka is a famous FFXIV instance. And rightly so.

It’s accessible via Rhalgr’s Reach through Galiena’s quest, And We Shall Call It Eureka.

No Duty Finder access here. Ask Rodney. Then form a party with other insiders. Entrance duties prepare you, for instance, raids.

Gain access to Anemos lockboxes. A lot of money will be locked up in these lockboxes.
Maps of Bounty

Gil farming is about treasure maps. Exciting Gil-farming treasure adventures may be found on treasure maps.

You will likely locate your treasure maps if you are competent in the Discipline of the Land. The Market Board may also have some.

Join a farm party. Joining an experienced team reduces the overall project duration. Finally, you’ll be sent on a treasure hunt to uncover a hidden treasure cache.
Square Enix’s Crafting

Hand and Land Disciples provide the most Gil in FFXIV. Let’s start with how to hand disciple creation may earn Gil.

Profitable classes include Alchemist, Blacksmith, and Chef. These courses allow you to offer high-demand commodities, furniture, and consumables. Most players won’t bother leveling their Disciples of the Hand classes, allowing experienced artisans to cash in.

Many players are unwilling to build basic things. So even essential homemade items are in demand at the Market Board. There is a fast method to earn Gil. Nonetheless, the more Gil you manufacture, the better.

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How to make money in ffxiv insights

buy gil ffxiv  insights

Tricks about how to make money in ffxiv

Tricks about How to make money in ffxiv

 How to make money in ffxiv  step by step:

The Gathering Image

Disciples of the Land and Hand go together. Artisans have gatherers in FFXIV. It’s possible to earn a lot of money by acquiring materials to sell to artisans.

Others may not want to buy their materials. Therefore, even essential products may be sold for quick Gil. To make more Gil, you need to collect more.

All three are lucrative Disciples of the Land. Spend some time leveling your Disciples of the Land classes to avoid paying for crafting materials.

Try mining if you want to spend most of your time gathering. Crystal and elemental shard mining may be profitable.

Making and acquiring Gil may be replaced by playing Roulettes. Trial roulettes pay up to 10,000 Gil. The Adventurer in Need bonus is the best way to maximize your profits. The most demanded jobs are tank and healer. So start focusing your build on one of those specialties.

First, fulfill your level 10 major narrative chores. Opening the Duty Finder, Return to the main menu and choose the duties tab.

Click the blue question mark to reveal your unlocked roulettes. Once you’ve done that, you can start earning Gil and experience!

No of how you cultivate Gil, taking advantage of businesses is a great way to enhance your revenue. Save time and energy by having your retainer do these mini-quests.

You must complete a Seventh Dawn Scions level 17 main quest to access retainer ventures. Then it would help if you outfitted your retainer. It is possible to upgrade your retainer and an ongoing kind of Gil farming that pays off over time.

Followed by a neighboring calling bell. Your retainer will be Assigned Venture. But taking your retainer on a venture costs money, and earn it by completing tribe quests, levemetes, and trading company seals.

Your retainer will return high-quality items for the Market Board. You may assign retainers to numerous projects. Make the most of this feature.


How to make money in ffxiv

How to make money in ffxiv

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in ffxiv?

ffxiv making gil 2022: Land and Hand Disciples level up the slowest. Some of the more costly goods need a large number of followers.

– Level them all. Don’t disregard the others. Instead, change classes since one class may benefit another. And inexpensive. Do simple levequests (good girl) and supply and provisioning missions with your outstanding company.
– Level up your Hand Disciples. This will help level Hand Disciples, and it won’t matter since they’ll all max out.
Afraid to buy supplies? Buying the thing is sometimes cheaper than looking for it. So you can make something quickly and go on to something lucrative.
Do double. Your own gear? Make two so you may sell one and keep one. It’s harder but pays better. If you need it, someone else may.
– What’s new? In-game housing and craftables are added to every patch, and a fresh concept you can develop and commercialize is excellent. Expect a decline in demand for other items as well.
Seek guidance. An adolescent has a Making the most of a class’s potential, and look them up to save time.

How to make money in ffxiv essential info

How to make money in ffxiv essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

ffxiv gil farming 2022: Maps of Bounty

Disciples of the Land obtain treasure maps when they level up. An hourly treasure map is possible. Gil and crafting materials are also treasures.

DAILY TREAT MAP Log in for a treasure map if you have a few minutes. They fit in the Chocobo bags. Rare, they can only be purchased in small quantities.
– Do the 8-player maps! If you discover them and can do them, keep them. Rarely do the eight-player treasure maps lead to a secret location with even more riches, which must be shared. No one can journey alone through these portals, and you may sell these maps if you don’t want to share them.
– Find Leather Maps. Could you not do it? The payout is rare. But they sell well on the market board.
– Favorite all market treasure maps. You may get treasure maps, and cheap ones almost usually sell for a profit. If you want maps, check prices and buy them. Even servers hop to get lower prices, and you can even buy them there!

Crossbred plants may be pretty profitable!


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How to make money in hawaii

How to make money in hawaii: Moving to Hawaii? Is this your first visit? Job prospects in Hawaii are similar to mainland cities.

Don’t only look at the most common or highest jobs. Gigs range from housecleaning to Lyft drivers. Consider jobs with food trucks, shave ice stands, and boat cruises.

Money is simple in Hawaii. Sold used clothing on Etsy, repaired surfboards, or delivered meals. You must be imaginative. Learn how to make money on the Big Island.


How to make money in hawaii details

How to make money in hawaii details

 Brief details about how does hawaii make money:

hawaii living expenses: My father and I have visited Oahu for 44 years. After my kids are 5, I want to take them back to Hawaii. Unacceptance of the aloha way of life may be challenging in Hawaii.

If it works in New York, it works anywhere, they say.

The notion is that only the strongest survive in New York. Working on the trading floor at one of New York’s most ruthless investment firms is horrible.

The weather is poor six months, and the pay is low.

Two years later, and 15 pounds heavier, I left NYC for San Francisco’s peace. I blew it in NYC.

If Goldman had done so, I would have had to return to business school rather than get promoted. Repentance and re-education did not appeal.

The economy was plainly in peril one year after the NASDAQ meltdown. Instead, I went to a competitor for the Associate advancement.

Waiting to get fired is death.
Hawaii’s Hard Life

My half-Hawaiian family has been visiting for over 35 years.

Since 1999, Oahu has enticed me to escape the hectic financial world and rest on the beach. Every year I battled to stay in Hawaii.

I intended to work hard in New York and San Francisco before going home. Since 1999, I’ve constantly worked in banking or with Financial Samurai.

Then retire and return home. The pandemic has drained my energy as a homeschooling mom. Indeed, taxes are rising, and the stepped-up base may go.

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How to make money in hawaii insights

Hawaii weather  insights

Tricks about how to make money in hawaii

Tricks about How to make money in hawaii

 How to make money in hawaii  step by step:

Do not be afraid, adventurer! Lots to do. You only need to know where to search. The secret to success in Hawaii is multi-tasking.

Here are some suggestions:
/shave ice

It’s easy to find work on the Islands with food trucks (and shave ice stands).

Experience is a plus but not a must; You’ll be poor. Not to mention the beach clothes and exciting people!

Free food and shave ice.
Manager / maid

Second homes are typical in Hawaii, suggesting non-permanent residents. Sunny Maui Vacations, Airbnb, and VRBO enable second property owners to recuperate their costs.

Property managers and their crews are so busy all year. Learn to clean houses for a living. A reliable housecleaner earns a lot!

Do you like to write, photograph, or film? A Hawaii-based niche blog may be for you.

Making money from a favorite blog isn’t the only benefit. They use their blogs to get fame, improved job opportunities, and other great things.


How to make money in hawaii

How to make money in hawaii

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in hawaii?

make money in hawaii: Bartender

So what if you work in Hawaii? Money, enjoyment, and meeting TONS of happy, handsome people from all over the world.

Tourists and locals come to Hawaii to talk story and enjoy life, not bury sorrows in a bottle.

Remember that Hawaii is surrounded by the ocean, continually agitated by ships departing their ports.

From modest fishing excursions to massive interisland cruise ships, there’s something for everyone.
Uber/Lyft driver

Drivers in Hawaii may now make extra money with Uber and Lyft. You’ll perform well since ridesharing services haven’t yet saturated Hawaii.

A more rural, the smaller town may be preferable. Tourists and locals need transportation in Hawaii’s most minor settlements (i.e., to and from the airport).
a surfboard

In Hawaii, surfboard repair is year-round employment.

Board repair is simple to learn with affordable resources like fiberglass, sandpaper, and resin (also try YouTube).

When ready, hang your sign on nearby coconut palms or phone poles. Work in a clean, well-ventilated location.

How to make money in hawaii essential info

How to make money in hawaii essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

shakedown hawaii make money: First, you must watch your funds. Examine your investment portfolio for unnecessary fees and utilize Personal Capital’s excellent Retirement Planning Calculator.

Those who handle their money correctly accumulate greater riches. I adopted 2020. It’s the best free money management app.


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How to make money in games

How to make money in games: You may make money from your gaming obsession. Unlike other side hustles or side jobs, it may be enjoyable.

Games jobs pay. Join the social media video contest. Right?

Doubtlessly, you may earn money through games. Many people make a profession playing video games, Pokémon, and smartphone applications.

Why not boost your game, monetize your fun, and help your wallet?


How to make money in games details

How to make money in games details

 Brief details about earn money by playing games paypal:

how to make money playing video games xbox one: Here are some ways to win in gaming.

Getting paid to play video games has never been easier.

We’ve listed the most significant 15 ways to earn money gaming!
Try Mistplay for Free!

A great Android app for monetizing mobile games.

The app’s primary focus is on rewarding users for playing games. Users may earn virtual Visa gift cards by completing in-app tasks.

With Mistplay, you may start earning prizes right now. You may also play with friends and level up to get additional soldiers. They also let users communicate and make friends by providing a chat function. Downloading, joining, or playing games on Mistplay is also free.

Other apps may commercialize playtime, but we prefer Mistplay!

– Mistplay –


Play free online games for Soul Gems! Free Robux, Steam Wallet, and Prepaid Mastercard!

Play games and win prizes!

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How to make money in games insights

earn money playing games online  insights

Tricks about how to make money in games

Tricks about How to make money in games

 How to make money in games  step by step:

Coaches in gaming

To make money playing video games, you may teach (such as League of Legends).

Video game instructors might make $20 to $200 per hour, depending on talent and demand. Examples of League of Legends instructors charging $50-$80 per hour include Metaphor.

A coach frequently starts by building a following on YouTube before offering their services.
4. QA

Quality Assurance testers work with items that have previously met the designers’ standards.

A tester attempts to ‘break’ a game or find ways to make it less fun for users.
5. Become a Pro Gamer

In Major League Gaming, Dota 2, and Intel Extreme Masters, players compete for millions. MLG built gaming arenas around the country, and it also uses web scouts to find undiscovered talent.

The best way to become engaged is to master a familiar game. Maintain your reputation as a skilled player and team member. Then eSports!
6. Set up a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great place to start if you want to earn money while gaming.

Create a channel on YouTube to monetize your content. Read our post on building a successful YouTube video if you haven’t.

After understanding how to monetize your channel, you may use it as you want. YouTube is an excellent location to live stream games, review games, and teach gaming techniques.

Consider YouTube for game research. On YouTube, you can learn about monetizing your gaming activities. Start with YouTube.


How to make money in games

How to make money in games

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in games?

how to make money playing video games at home: 7. Twitch

People pay to watch internet games. The most popular is Twitch, a gaming utopia.

Streaming money comes from companies like Google Adsense, paying you for video views. A much like YouTube’s income model. To earn money on the platform, you must first establish yourself as a player.

Streaming for a living on Twitch has several benefits. Every subscription earns you $5.00.

You may also use Google Adsense on your channel. Your page will now be able to make money from ads on it! Earn $3.00 every 1,000 ad views.
Affiliate Schemes

Users may benefit from Amazon affiliate links. Gamers may suggest Amazon products, including affiliate connections to the merchandise.

It pays the player whenever a product is bought through the link. It lets gamers make passive income by marketing goods and services to viewers.
P2P Gifts

Today’s successful gamers may sell to fans or sponsors for PayPal money.

That’s right. Gamers might ask fans to help them keep up their gaming intensity, and you may beg for money to keep gaming.

Ensuring the gamer’s basic needs is part of this commitment. Not all their requests are basic, but you get the idea.

People desire to understand and emulate the strategies of many players. Consider gaming as performance art and donate to a gamer’s PayPal account.

Paying your sibling to play video games is a no-no.

How to make money in games essential info

How to make money in games essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

how to make money gaming as a kid: How to Boost Live Streaming Revenue

Seeing gaming as a sort of performance art is the best way to learn how to succeed. Grabbing live streamers

They should have a huge personality that draws a crowd, and it goes hand in hand with a nice voice. Boring gamers turn off onlookers.

Live broadcasting also requires constant content creation. You must inform people when to watch, and a regimen will enable them to observe you at a particular time.

The last live stream gaming strategy is networking. Reputation and revenue are built through interacting with your audience, other live streamers, and advertising.

Like business networking, live stream gaming requires a comparable amount of dedication.
Entice sponsors

After acquiring a following on YouTube, Twitch, or elsewhere, you may approach sponsors to improve your revenue. Like how TV producers used to obtain sponsors.

First, you must impress sponsors. Assemble your channel as desired. Then hunt for companies that might sponsor you. Consider whether you would use their products. Remember this when you sell that brand!

The most crucial thing is to sell yourself as a significant sponsor match.
Gameplay Tutorials

You can get new spectators and monetize games this way. YouTube views and other streaming site views generate money, and Google gets paid to put ads on videos, and Google owns YouTube.

Connect your AdSense account to your YouTube account. Select between video and banner ads.

Selling video game instruction takes longer, and your proposal will require a broad audience to make money.


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How to make money in forza horizon 4

How to make money in forza horizon 4: Earning money in Forza Horizon 4 is essential since some of the rarest automobiles cost millions of credits. Still, there are many ways to make a quick income.
Buy magnificent cars or buy Edinburgh Castle (worth 15 million credits!) in Forza Horizon 4.


How to make money in forza horizon 4 details

How to make money in forza horizon 4 details

 Brief details about forza horizon 4 money cheat:

best way to make money in forza horizon 5: 1. Harder, fewer help

Increase the difficulty and help for quick credit. The AI opponents’ talents improve your earnings. Make things simple, or you’ll be last.

Also, turn off any non-winning aid. The benefit rises with each turn-off, and disabling rewind already increases event revenue by 15%.
Spinning Super-Wheel

To get credits in Forza Horizon 4, you must get wheelspin. The winning moves and car horns are among the rewards. Profitable car sales and monetary prizes of up to 250,000 credits are also available. Their three tips increase your chances of finding rare items in Forza Horizon 4.

     You can read more about forza horizon 4 on specified pages.

How to make money in forza horizon 4 insights

fastest way to make money in forza horizon 5  insights

Tricks about how to make money in forza horizon 4

Tricks about How to make money in forza horizon 4

 How to make money in forza horizon 4  step by step:

We suggest concentrating on standard Wheelspins over Super Wheelspins. Forza Horizon 4 makes them easier to find and get, increasing your profit.
Horizon Life – Advance

Horizon Life is a place to grow, and achieving a level offers you cash or a free Wheelspin. But there’s more.

A Wheelspin is awarded at each level. Horizon 4 image

My Horizon Life features leveling for almost every pastime, including drifting, photography, and car collecting. Each level up links to cash, Wheelspins, and Super Wheelspins. So, enjoy Forza Horizon 4’s many activities to maximize Horizon Life’s earnings.
Online and offline races

Running races will eventually pay off. Some players spend hours driving in Forza Horizon 4. This is nice, but it doesn’t raise your score.

BRONZE MEDAL IN OFFLINE TASK AND RACE GETS YOU HORIZON LIFE EX Join a racing club online. The influence multiplier increases your credit. So you may generate money while having fun.


How to make money in forza horizon 4

How to make money in forza horizon 4

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in forza horizon 4?

how to earn money in forza horizon 5: 5. The best house for cash

Buying the right home will also put money in your pocket. Fairlawn Manor is a great first home, and the Great Ridge building is valued at two million CR. It costs 10 Super Wheelspins to buy property, and the returns earned are likely to outweigh the initial investment. It also allows for faster travel, making the game more convenient.

Forza Edition Cars use or sell

In Forza Horizon, your garage will be filled with Forza Edition cars. Distinctive automobiles that specialize in drifting and destruction, and you may play them for credits and influence points.

If you already own or detest the car, auction it! Sell your Forza Edition cars if you don’t use them.

The Forza Edition cars are ridiculously priced. Credit: Forza Horizon 4 Level as many vehicles as you can.

Finally, driving skills earn you skill points in Forza Horizon 4. These points may be used to obtain specific vehicle bonuses. They’re suitable for credits, skill multipliers, and free Wheelspins! Purchasing the Huntsman’s Lodge increases skill point earning. The structure allows Skill Songs on the radio. When they start playing, the skill points you gain for your car treble.

How to make money in forza horizon 4 essential info

How to make money in forza horizon 4 essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

how to buy credits in forza horizon 4: Our advice is to focus on getting as many spins as possible, and increase your chances of being paid promptly. Of course, you must win the gambling game to get a monetary reward. Finally, just playing Forza Horizon 4 will allow you to spin the Wheel of Fortune several times. It shouldn’t take long to earn credits and establish a bank account using the information supplied.


Detailed video explaining the ‘forza horizon 4’ method:


How to make good money in la

How to make good money in la: Holidays are pricey for even workers. Consider the gig economy to supplement your income this year. The internet has enabled hundreds of millions of Americans to work from home, and here are six willing to pay.


How to make good money in la details

How to make good money in la details

 Brief details about How to make big money in California:

Make money today jobs near los angeles: Want to make more money in LA? Los Angeles may soon be too expensive! Fortunately, living in Los Angeles offers several side hustle options, and I’ve tried them all with varying degrees of success.

Making Money in Los Angeles Affiliates: There are no additional fees if you click on a link and buy anything.
Making Money With Your Phone


I’ve used Swagbucks for ages. Earn Swagbucks to trade for gift cards or PayPal cash. Playing Swagbucks Live is my favorite way to earn Swagbucks. Fill out surveys or make purchases using Swagbucks.

However, I like to use both to maximize my gains. Over $700 in a few years using the software! Sign up for Swagbucks.


This program bombards you with inquiries. Honestly, the stacks don’t come as often as I’d want. Since I started using the app, I’ve redeemed $50 in gift cards. Get Perky.

Gifs bing

Bing search may earn you AMC, Starbucks, and Target gift cards. Bing Rewards here.


Shop Kicks used to pay more, but this one pays less. But it still gives me some extra income, which I like. Just by using the app, you may earn shop kicks. In-store purchases and receipt submissions also earn shop kicks. Join ShopKicks. Win-win with coupon DEAL347755!

This app has improved my life since I live near food stores. This year I received rebates for so many free things. Already $120 PayPal cash for 2022. Great for grocery shopping, but it can do so much more. Register using my code gfvfonp. Join Ibotta here.


It’s weekly. Now I’m done with SecretShops for eateries and my third shop. Join here.

Work with Clients

Working with audiences has paid out well. A few jobs usually cover my car payment. It’s an easy job, but it gets old. Real is my favorite program to work on. At 6 am, and you finish by 10 am and leave with $40-$60. This program helps me to avoid waking up early. More audience work here.

Work int

Background labor is unavoidable in the entertainment industry. Some weeks you’ll work a lot and others you won’t. To work on set for a few hours, you must sign up for 8 hours at Central Casting in Burbank.

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How to make good money in la insights

Same day pay jobs Los Angeles  insights

Tricks about how to make good money in la

Tricks about How to make good money in la

 How to make good money in la  step by step:


Despite your age, your attire is new. Tradesy sells garments. Sold real designer clothes and receive top-dollar with this website. Tradesy will enhance your photos for a decent item.

Earning potential: While Tradesy may advise pricing, you ultimately decide.

Special bonus: Tradesy handles returns and retains the money. Tradesy also ships.


A phone and many great things



Thanks to Wag, it’s simple to get money walking dogs. You may earn cash by providing on-demand dog sitting and boarding services.

WAG! Walkers earn about $16/h.

Every new walk booked with your promo code earns you $25 as a Wag! Ambassador.


An iPhone 5 or Android 4.2 is required. Dogs are my life.


Publish your sunset, cityscape, and friend photos on Twenty20. Twenty20 crowdsources stock photographs for companies, and a firm may acquire your image and use it in a beautiful magazine ad.

The best way to earn money is to sell your photos for $2 each. Picture challenges and paid work may also help. On income:


Of course, a camera phone.



How to make good money in la

How to make good money in la

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make good money in la?

Best gig jobs Los Angeles: Making It in Hollywood

Anousha Sakoui and Wendy Lee will conduct a virtual employment webinar with Bree Frank, vice president of unscripted TV at Hello Sunshine, and Phillip Sun, president and co-founder of management firm M88. We’ll discuss the state of Hollywood employment, as well as answer your questions.

When: August 10th, 6 p.m.

Members $10; non-subscribers $20

Visit Eventbrite.

Tell me. Please let us know your top concerns about working in Hollywood by August 10. Questions?

The work should be easy and droppable, said Trang Ada Trinh, a makeup artist who started as a production assistant.

Shift shifting is easy in restaurants. Attend auditions or jobs.

Stephen Colbert is one of several famous writers.

Hollywood hucksters use Lyft and Uber as a side gig. A recent study by Lyft found that 70% of its drivers work or want to work in entertainment.

It also helps that qualifying to drive is easy, and that scheduling is flexible. Rush-hour driving pays nicely. Non-car drivers may deliver meals with Uber Eats by bicycle or scooter.

Moving from Boston to Los Angeles, Trinh started in a nail shop.

We could cover one other’s shifts, she stated.

Then she chose cosmetics, requiring beauty school and weekend manufacturing aid. She lived in her car for three months to save money.

She noted that many people are surprised that you lived in your car. LA is dear.

She’s been in digital media for over a decade and now works on Netflix shows.

But she’s found ways to make extra money. Guise Etiquette was born when her clients liked the organic goods she was making in her apartment. She opened and then sold a crystal-infused nail salon. She’s currently a health and wellness coach student.

I love and hate the industry because you never know, she said. Money is nice. We’re acorn collectors.
Hollywood as a hobby

Some newcomers to the entertainment industry work side jobs. Others work a day job and side hustle in entertainment until they get enough momentum to become full-time.

Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine star Sarah Cooper worked at Google before her TikTok Donald Trump lip syncs became viral. DuVernay was busy at her entertainment PR agency.

How to make good money in la essential info

How to make good money in la essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

Penny Hoarder California: Living in Southern California isn’t cheap, and it’s not expected to become much more affordable as the population grows. We’ve picked up more methods to save money and live large in LA for freelancers and full-time employees alike!

In addition to safe online work, we’ve added rideshares and home-sharing if you’re okay with it. We hope that during a pandemic, these options are available to everybody.


Detailed video explaining the ‘los angeles’ method:


How to make money in eve online

How to make money in eve online: Welcome to the beautiful world of EVE Online! To survive in EVE, new players must rapidly learn. EVE throws players into space after a short tutorial and some useful introductory missions. This is one of the sandbox’s thrilling and dangerous characteristics.

Every EVE pilot quickly learns that ISK dominates the universe. Everything requires money: ships, equipment, trade products, etc. In EVE, like in any other online multiplayer game, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

What ISK? Many new EVE gamers ask about it. What is the best way to get the most ISK with the least effort?

Earning ISK in EVE is simple. This quick guide will help you select which ISK-earning jobs best fit your personality and playing style.
PLEX – ISK gain or shortcut?

Working hard and persisting may generate enough ISK to pay for your EVE subscription.

So, how? PLEX

PLEX may be purchased with in-game ISK for 30 days of playtime. Great!

But be warned: it’s not for everyone. As of publication, one PLEX was worth 600 million ISK. You’d be right to think that’s a lot. But not impossible. You, too, can make EVE pay for itself if you understand any of these tricks.

You may also purchase PLEX and sell it for ISK. Stop reading now if that’s your response. As with anything in the sandbox, the choice is yours.


How to make money in eve online details

How to make money in eve online details

 Brief details about eve online money making 2022:

eve online isk to usd: Character Qualities

Few EVE novices examine the professional implications of their ethnic, lineage, and heritage choices. They usually choose the most intriguing or thrilling character background. No racial or bloodline-specific career possibilities are limited in-game, and no skill is inborn.

All new character talents.

Everyone starts with 20 points except Charisma, which begins at 19.

It used to be Race, Bloodline, and Ancestry.

It’s easy to optimize your character for different jobs since traits may be remapped.
Skills and Attributes Growth

After becoming acquainted with EVE, many users establish an alt character (one of three available per account) or a new account. Alternate characters (Alts) have significant advantages, which we will cover later.

EVEHQ offers a great Character Creation Tool for trying out new races and lineages. Your character can use the equipment or perform the duties required to make ISK quickly by using EVEHQ’s character model.
Are you planning a career Wannabe?
Make the newbie careers.

It’s ideal for playing all five core career mission tracks: industrial, military, exploration, and advanced military (military). With these free career introduction missions, you may practice the mechanics before training the skill necessary for the official version.

Then choose Show Career Agents from the F12 menu. These early missions are optional but highly recommended for key skill books, ships, and cash, and they also teach the fundamentals of all EVE money-making vocations.

– Covers mining, refining, and manufacturing. Massive wealth accumulation is possible in EVE, but not alone. Mining is popular. But manufacturing generally pays off after mastering complex skills and spending a lot on designs. Profit from planetary industry investments to supplement your current industrial income.

– Business missions introduce players to EVE’s prosperous economy. To trade skills in EVE, players must leave their station, and you may also earn a lot of money transporting goods between trade locations. They provide you with a free industrial ship, and the starting systems sell things in demand by new characters.

The most obvious way to play EVE is to plunder and salvage. You start with a frigate of your race.

– Finding wormholes, dead space, and untapped archaeological sites. Lessons on using the scanner and probes to discover and exploit spots.

– Advanced Military missions teach EVE combat. These activities are more complex than the Military career path and should be completed first. A dangerous situation and the implications of weapon damage are covered in this advanced course. After finishing this training, you will be completely prepared to join the EVE Online faction wars.

The Blood-Stained Stars epic mission arc begins after completing the five career introductory missions. An arduous 50-mission arc, but the rewards are worth it. You may leave and rejoin the hook at any time. Please read The Blood-Stained Stars assignment guide on our wiki to continue this arc.

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How to make money in eve online insights

how to make 1 billion isk in eve  insights

Tricks about how to make money in eve online

Tricks about How to make money in eve online

 How to make money in eve online  step by step:

Make a plan

Achieving ISK-making skills requires knowledge of EVE’s basic concepts and experience with the beginner career mission tracks. Initially, it’s better to excel at one type of money-making activity than to be average at several. Stages to create an ISK-earning career plan:

1. Visualize your EVE goals. Be free. Make it whatever you want, no matter how unlikely.

Work on multiple Level 1 (and later more advanced) projects until you have enough money to start working on Step 1.

Introduce your Step 1 notion.

4. If the notion isn’t profitable enough, add task running.

5. Keep refining your idea to make it self-sustaining.

6. If your concept is not self-sufficient, go to Step 2.

Strangely, few EVE gamers do this. Instead, they attempt everything, bringing diversity but not expertise (except in the very long run). Or they get bored and keep doing the same thing, losing interest. Don’t mine just to make ISK if you don’t like it. Preparation is the key to success. Work in EVE and real life!
Choosing an ISK-earner (or a few)

That’s it. Here’s an example of EVE’s vast sandbox at work: eve-wtd.jpg

Industrial Jobs are among the most common employment options.

Industrialists create, move, and earn ISK:

In essence, mining is acquiring and selling ore or processed minerals. A miner needs basic ship piloting, mining, refining, and laser refining skills. Navigate to one of the galaxy’s many asteroid belts. Refine and sell ore. Mining has the benefit of providing a steady income with low danger, especially in high security (0.5) locations. Asteroids seldom fight back; thus, mining is tedious! Watch out for can flippers and bankers that prey on AFK miners (away from the keyboard). Advanced miners using Tech 2 ships may quickly generate 5-10 million ISK in an hour or two (depending on market prices and what is being mined). Using Orca and mining supervisors may help. Miners need Halada’s Mining Guide and the EVE University Cooperative Mining Manual.

With the Tyrannis expansion, capsules may now gather resources and produce commodities on all New Eden worlds. Operating many planets simultaneously is feasible and lucrative. The institute monitors PI commodity costs.

– Hauler — Another low-risk way to earn ISK. A hauler just requires a cargo ship and decent leadership skills. Transporting stuff under high security is safe, but doing it in low protection or 0.0 may be risky – and rewarding. Haulers may also deliver players. It is possible to earn 3-5 million ISK every hour by transferring non-player corporation goods. Haulers work on anything from industrial ships to blockade runners and giant freighters. New transporters may start here: Miner/hauler is one of the most efficient main/alt character pairs for gamers with multiple accounts.

The majority of items in EVE are created by individuals for their use or to sell to other players. Building items and charging for value-add generates ISK profit, and it’s one of the most brutal occupations to make a lot of ISK due to competition. Also, many miners/manufacturers undercharge because they view mined ore as free. Those with good manufacturing skills and enough money to acquire high-demand blueprint originals (BPOs) may find this a lucrative second career.

Researchers/Inventors develop lower-tech things to produce sophisticated products in EVE (Tech 2). Demand for Tech 2 commodities may make innovation a lucrative ISK generator. Players may also explore blueprint efficiency. Manufacturers benefit from high-efficiency plans because they save production time and provide another cash source. Using specialized research agents, players can farm important datacores needed in innovation, generating ISK over time. The player must invest in science and related skills.


How to make money in eve online

How to make money in eve online

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in eve online?

eve online solo money making: Affiliations

Businesses obtain ISK through investing capital, liquidity, and talent in enterprises, markets, and infrastructure.

In EVE’s expansive player-driven economy, you may generate ISK without owning a ship or leaving a station. Investing in trade abilities, gaining prestige with station owners, and starting with cash might let players purchase cheaper things. To provide liquidity to the markets, traders must research and monitor market orders. Aspire to be a Wall Street speculation by being an EVE trader. Excellent recorded lectures on this topic in the UNI library

Many items in New Eden need a contract for sale, which may benefit you. Warranties are sometimes used to sell goods quickly and inexpensively. With a bit of money and a little trading talent, you can uncover great deals in contracts and sell them for a profit.

– CEO – Take charge! Employees of a player’s company earn ISK via taxes and fees. Join an alliance and swap for a successful moon-mining POS. Being a firm CEO requires advanced skills and a lot of money; hence it usually comes later in EVE careers. Because NPCs now tax bounties and mission rewards by 11%, creating your little organization may be enticing.

Companies depend on recruiters to find the appropriate people to join, yet many struggles. So you may work as a recruiting agency, finding and pre-qualifying candidates for your customers. Nobody’s perfect, but you must know where to look and how to contact possible candidates. Visit EVE online forums and make in-game connections to earn ISK as a corporate recruiter.

Have you risen in a faction corporation? Companies will pay to see your rankings. Mining companies need high NPC standings for tax-free perfect refining. Jump clone manufacture demands corporate power. Concentrate on select businesses and improve your social skills to sell your ranks to the highest bidder.

Expansion Jobs

Explorers find things and benefit from them. There are two types:

Selling wormhole relics and information may be a lucrative and pleasant way to make ISK. An explorer needs special skills (Astrometrics, Archeology, and Hacking) and tools (probe launcher, codebreaker modules). It would help if you also probed well.

– Salvager — Many wrecked ships remain in EVE due to frequent combat. Foraging for ISK from wrecks is a great way to get ISK. Impacts are in great demand because many pieces make specialty ship rigs. Using tractor beams and the salvager module correctly is essential for success. Destroyers, with their ample cargo storage and high slots, are excellent for this. You can scour asteroid belts for wrecks, but joining a mission crew will earn you more salvage money.

How to make money in eve online essential info

How to make money in eve online essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

eve isk per hour: Surprisingly, salvaging is our alphas’ best choice for generating risk. They clean up their mess, and better than mining, exploration, and ratting Alpha skills. Our support network is vast. If you’re alone in high sec, explore. Besides mining, High missions are also excellent.

As said, there are shuttlers. Try it out.
Join a Nullsec New player business. I’m sure I forgot Karmafleet and Dreddit.

So, if you join Karmafleet, you get two +2 implants, a salvaging destroyer, warps to the Probe Scanner bookmarked and dumped your MTU, then salvage in a Destroyer. Scavenging after carriers may earn 20m per hour, and MTUs can achieve more.

Karmafleet/Brave Newbies/Dreddit will be able to explore Nullsec’s Sansha or Blood space for a profit. With practice, a T1 exploratory frigate can reach 20-30m/h (rule of six, etc.). It’s riskier than chasing carriers and salvaging, but I find it more enjoyable.

To earn 15m per hour watching Netflix in Karmafleet, mine mind flood booster gas in Delve. Gas mining in C3 wormholes (Core Reservoirs) may be pretty profitable.

To earn 200m per month on a long-touch setup that only takes six weeks hauling and two weeks reset, get a Vexor Navy Issue.


Detailed video explaining the ‘eve online’ method:


How to make money in hyperinflation

How to make money in hyperinflation: In economics, hyperinflation is rapid inflation. It devalues the local currency and raises prices. As a result, people sell their assets in that currency and shift to safer foreign currencies like the US dollar. The prices tend to remain constant with stable currencies.


How to make money in hyperinflation details

How to make money in hyperinflation details

 Brief details about best investments during hyperinflation:

inflation-proof stocks 2022: Inflation is the rate at which the average cost of a standardized basket of items increases over time. Ordinarily, inflation is represented as a %

Consumers despise growing prices since the same basket of products and services costs more each year. Affluence is a kind of

Central banks aim to keep inflation rates low enough to keep the economy running and expanding.

1 Inflation is necessary to boost spending and, thereby, national economic growth. The CPI and the PPI often measure inflation.

– The CPI estimates the monthly weighted average consumer price for a standard set of items (BLS). CPI tracks products. 2 – PPI is a weighted average of domestic wholesale prices. Bimonthly BLS reporting PPI measures well throughout manufacture. 3

While other nations use WPI, which is comparable to CPI but measures a retail basket, the US uses PPI to track corporate inflation.


Several factors affect rising expenses. Global demand will drive up supply prices. Manufacturing expenses rise due to rising labor and material prices. Most clients despise it. Inflation is a favorable investing factor.

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How to make money in hyperinflation insights

best stocks for inflation  insights

Tricks about how to make money in hyperinflation

Tricks about How to make money in hyperinflation

 How to make money in hyperinflation  step by step:

Inflation is

Inflation may arise in numerous ways.

Low supply may lead to increased prices. Demand outstrips supply in a hot housing market.

– Rising labor and material costs may lead to higher prices. For example, hops costs rose internationally, increasing the cost of a six-pack. I remember spending $6.99 for a six-pack. Today it’s $9.99+.

– Rising wages and prices lead to inflation. Inflation spiral. Simply enough, increasing salaries higher pricing.

– Governments may cause inflation by manipulating the money supply, as the US did during the financial crisis. The Fed buys treasuries to keep interest rates low. You and I may print money to pay off our obligations.


How to make money in hyperinflation

How to make money in hyperinflation

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in hyperinflation?

how to prepare for inflation 2022: What is inflation?

Inflation comes in three flavors: crawling, walking and galloping.

– Most economies desire and expect moderate inflation. For example, the Federal Reserve targets 2% inflation. This is wonderful for the economy, but employee compensation should keep pace.

– Walking inflation is a 3-4 percent increase in inflation. Salary levels continue to fall, and individuals begin to feel poor.

– Hyperinflation is extreme inflation of 20%, 100%, 2000% or more. A loaf of bread in Berlin that cost around 160 Marks at the end of 1922 cost 200,000,000,000 Marks by late 1923.

Why most people aren’t concerned about inflation

Almost everyone believes that consumer inflation occurs when prices rise rapidly. After all, you can’t artificially lower interest rates without causing inflation. It’s just economics.

But the government doesn’t report it.

Officially, there hasn’t been much consumer inflation. As this Statistica data shows, it’s traditionally lower.

How to make money in hyperinflation essential info

How to make money in hyperinflation essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

what to buy before hyperinflation hits: Guess (GES) said it deals with rising cotton prices by cutting retail promotions. Guess shares soared nearly 15% on the news.

We’ve reduced promotional activity, stated Guess CEO Carlos Alberini. We’ve also raised prices.

High inflation and rising commodity prices help banks, raw material businesses, and energy stocks.

Horizon Kinetics’ Inflation Beneficiaries ETF is significantly exposed to financial services and commodities.

Texas Pacific (TPL), ICE, and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) food giant.

Since mid-January, the fund has outperformed the Dow, S& P 500, and Nasdaq.


Detailed video explaining the ‘hyperinflation’ method:


How to make money in story mode

How to make money in story mode: Money is king in GTA 5, and the most resourceful players will constantly be seeking new methods to get money.

However, completing Story Missions and progressing in GTA 5 will only reward you with enough money for basics and some frivolous expenditures.


How to make money in story mode details

How to make money in story mode details

 Brief details about how to make money in gta 5 story mode franklin:

how to earn money in gta 5 online: With so many lavish homes and cars to buy, players will need more money than GTA 5’s missions can supply. So, use these strategies to increase your game’s cash.
More money in GTA 5?

Getting Rich in GTA 5 Story Mode


Lester’s Killings

These are by far the best methods to get money in GTA 5 by just doing jobs and investing in the Stock Market.

Lester will seek Franklin for help. In GTA 5, this generally means murdering a CEO.

Assuming these goals are achieved, Lester advises Franklin to save. To properly benefit from this mission, you must have completed The Big Score in GTA 5.

Follow our guide to finish these tasks and buy GTA 5.

     You can read more about story mode on specified pages.

How to make money in story mode insights

how to make money in gta 5 story mode 2022  insights

Tricks about how to make money in story mode

Tricks about How to make money in story mode

 How to make money in story mode  step by step:

Random Encounters in GTA 5 net players a lot of cash. Franklin has a high-paying Random Encounter while roaming about his home.

He will pay $100,000 to get a kid’s bike back. While playing as Franklin, an encounter occurs nearby.

BTR Armament

Attacking armored convoys for quick cash is suggested. Making an armored vehicle explode with a Sticky Bomb gives the player a lot of money.


How to make money in story mode

How to make money in story mode

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in story mode?

how to make money in gta 5 story mode stock market: Auto-Robberies

Blue dots on the map denote armored cars.

Shoot the person coming with luggage to get GTA$ 3,000-8,000.

Shatter the armored car’s back doors (an easy way of doing this is just to drive it into the water). Otherwise, you’ll receive three wanted stars using sticky explosives to blow the car open.

Five armored vehicles spawn around Little Seoul and La Puerta in downtown Los Santos. Then there’s Paleto Bay. This map illustrates the locations.
ATM Fraud

Waiting for others to remove cash boosts the prize chances. After using an ATM, NPCs carry GTA$ 30-120 instead of GTA$ 10-20.

The AI is set up such that if you leave the ATM suspiciously, NPCs will notice you. This is a low-yield rule. To rob, an NPC, first incapacitate them using a non-lethal weapon. Although it isn’t, the speed at which NPCs access ATMs seems random.
$100k Goal

Any of the three characters may finish this mission.

A blue marker may appear near Little Bighorn Avenue in the Rancho area of the city’s southeast when playing as Franklin.

Find out whether it’s Gray Nicholson reporting his bike stolen.

That’s OK since he’ll later contact you and offer you $100,000!

How to make money in story mode essential info

How to make money in story mode essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

how to make money in gta 5 story mode ps4: Endless Shoplifting

Another way to pillage Ammu-nation. Ammu-nation money respawns quickly!

Find an open store.
– Fire a silenced handgun into the cashier’s face.
– Physically or with a rifle, empty the registers (again, silenced).
– Exit the business and drive three car lengths away.
– Re-enter the store to respawn the money!
– Grab, go.

#1 Cash

The character shifting method requires an unpatched copy of the game. Instead of switching characters, save and restart your game.

You may swim or drive a boat from Paleto Bay to the point shown on the map below.

You should see a sunken plane and a $12,000 treasure box.

Swap characters after obtaining the first box. Why didn’t it? If not, swim further away and change characters.

#2 Cash

The character shifting method requires an unpatched copy of the game. Instead of switching characters, save and restart your game.

Like the previous tip, but with $20,000!

Its location is shown in the image below. It’s a wreck in the Tataviams.

#3 Cash

The character shifting method requires an unpatched copy of the game. Instead of switching characters, save and restart your game.

Like the previous tip, but with $25,000! MG SMG Rifle found in ruins Follow the long rod to its end, adjacent to the ruins. Around the wreckage is an armor vest (face the wreckage with the briefcase on your left side, and you are facing the hull door, then on your right-hand side is where the vest is located). The ruins also had grenades (go to the side where the money is and go straight down, and the grenade will be right there). It is best to wait until daylight to look for the MG Rifle.


Detailed video explaining the ‘story mode’ method: