nikon d5300 dslr camera with 18-140mm price and review

Benefits of nikon d5300 dslr camera:

It is a high-performance DSLR, which offers qualitative results.

It has a lot of useful functions and shooting modes, which will help you have a pleasant experience.

You can also use it to shoot in Full HD format.

It is a comfortable model to hold in your hand, because it has small dimensions and a small weight.

Comes with a range of accessories.


Regarding the less pleasant points, some buyers have complained that this device does not take extremely clear pictures when set to auto mode, so you will have to learn to use all its functions to be really satisfied. of results. Also, it is quite noisy when using an ISO value higher than 1600, which can be quite unpleasant.



In general, people who buyDSLR cameras, Nikon , do this because they want high quality devices that will delight them with the most beautiful pictures. And so it is with this model, if you know how to use it in such a way that it can be used at its maximum capacities.

The performances are worth appreciating because: the sensor resolution is 24.2 MP, and its size of 15.6 x 23.5 mm, has a lens with 12 elements in 5 groups, which has a lens of 18-55 mm (f / 3.5-f / 5.6), manual focus, but also automatic and an ISO sensitivity that can be extended up to 25,600.

nikon d5300 dslr camera with 18-140mm price and review

Regarding the functions that you will have at your disposal, we mention: Wi-Fi (for quick connections), GPS (provides information related to the location where the pictures were taken), automatic shutter, microphone or editing functions (white balance , silhouette, miniature, painting, night vision, red eye correction, etc.).

With the help of this DSLR you can also film, not just take pictures, to keep such memories. The available video formats are H.264 / MPEG-4, and the resolutions you can use are 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1280 x 720 pixels or 640 x 424 pixels.

The device now in question will not be difficult to handle, because it has dimensions that make it easy to hold in your hand – 125 x 76 x 98 mm. Its weight is 530 g, but don’t forget that the lens is added to it, which in this case is not specified.

Another advantage that this device has is the fact that it comes with a series of very useful accessories.

You will receive in the package a belt, which will help you to wear it easily around your neck, when you go on trips and you often want to capture various landscapes or take photos with your loved ones, a body cap and a rubber visor, for protection, a battery to power it, but also a charger for it and necessary cables for data and audio-video transfer (USB UC-E17 and A / V EG-CP16).

Conclusion after nikon d5300 dslr review

This Nikon DSLR camera is suitable for those who are just starting out and want to learn how a DSLR works. It is a model that offers decent performance, ease of use and comes with accessories that will be very helpful for use and protection.


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