Nintendo Asks $ 15 Million From ROM Site

If you were going to make ends meet by launching a ROM site, you might have to change your plans. Proof is, Nintendo has begun legal action against a specialized website and the firm demand no less than 15 million in damages.

If you are a bit interested in the world of emulation, then it is very likely that the name of RomUniverse is not entirely new to you. Nothing very surprising about that, the site was extremely well established in the emulation sector and it offered Internet users a wide choice of ROMs of all kinds.

Nintendo Asks 15 Million From Rom Site
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He paid a heavy price for this popularity. In September 2019 , Nintendo made the decision to sue the site administrator.

Nintendo vs ROMUniverse

From the firm's point of view, the latter has indeed directly benefited from its activity and earned money by distributing illegal copies of several of its titles. RomUniverse indeed offered its members to subscribe to premium paid subscriptions to download as many titles as they wanted.

Matthew Storman, the site administrator, chose to defend himself without a lawyer, so he went to court in Los Angeles, where his case was being tried. He then explained that Nintendo's allegations did not hold water and that he had not broken any law by offering these services to visitors to his site.

Nintendo, of course, has not changed its mind and the Japanese firm has maintained its accusations.

In the meantime, a lot of water has flowed under the bridges, but the case is still pending judgment. In recent months, Nintendo's lawyers have notably requested access to the accused's tax file, but also to audience statistics on its site.

Nintendo asks for over $ 15 million

Storman did everything to curb the case, until last September when he told Nintendo that he no longer had access to his data. RomUniverse has indeed been taken offline.

Nintendo, for its part, accuses the opposing party of knowingly destroying the evidence. Consequently, the firm asks the federal court to rule in its favor and to condemn the administrator of the site.

In his manifesto, Big N explains that Matthew Storman distributed hundreds of thousands of pirated copies of games belonging to him during the activity of RomUniverse. He also accuses the defendant of being uncooperative and of knowingly destroying key evidence. Consequently, the company asks that the court render its judgment without delay.

There is more, however. In all, Nintendo is also seeking $ 15.61 million in damages broken down as follows: $ 4.41 million for copyright infringement and $ 11.2 million for trademark infringement. The firm also demands that Storman hand over its domain names and destroy all ROMs in its possession.

The defendant, for his part, did not respond. The fact remains that he is now in a delicate situation. Unlike him, Nintendo indeed has a horde of lawyers behind it.

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