Nintendo goes to war against Game & Watch hackers

The Game & Watch Nintendo was released November 13, 2020 to mark the 35th anniversary of Mario. Unfortunately, the launch of this mini console did not go as planned by the Japanese giant. Indeed, a day before its official release date, the Game & Watch was hacked by a user called "stacksmashing." "

The latter even bragged about it on Twitter by posting the following message:

"My Nintendo Game & Watch arrived one day sooner!" Let's take it apart and see how it works – and also how easy it is to hack! "

After the publication of this post, it became known that stacksmashing managed to install Zelda as well as the first Pokémon on the console which was originally only reserved for Mario Bros. games.

Nintendo goes to war against Game & Watch hackers
Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

This is not the only problem Nintendo has had to contend with. A video detailing the method to hack the console also surfaced on YouTube on November 14, 2020.

Nintendo demands removal of pirated videos

Nintendo was not going to let hackers take it that easy. The Japanese firm filed a copyright infringement complaint and obtained the removal of the video from YouTube. The video game giant did not stop there.

He also requested the removal of another video posted by stacksmashing. However, two other stacksmashing videos are still available on YouTube. The first is a tutorial that explains how to download Doom to the device. The second shows how to modify the software.

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Stacksmashing does not give way

As the ARS Technica website points out, Nintendo does not target all videos that contain clips of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. gameplay. Indeed, it is always possible to see several contents of this kind on YouTube. However, Nintendo's copyright in these games allows it to determine what content featuring these titles is permitted or blocked.

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Apparently, stacksmashing is not going to go without a fight. At the microphone of the Gizmodo site, the hacker said he would make changes to the video in question and challenge Nintendo's decision. He therefore wishes to obtain permission to republish this content.

Nintendo has yet to comment on this.

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