Nintendo pays for itself Next Level Games (Luigi's Mansion 3)

If Nintendo is so powerful today and is a unique company in the video game market, it is thanks to its philosophy. The Japanese company is not interested in power, photorealistic graphics, but rather unusual video game experiences . Nintendo is also paying for the luxury of cult franchises that unite millions of players, always capable of renewal. Fans of the Japanese firm will have been charmed by Zelda Breath of the Wild, which recently revealed a new secret to us , with a new direction for the license, between crafting and the open world.

Not to mention Luigi's Mansion 3, with its funky gameplay : you have to capture ghosts in a disturbing mansion using a sort of vacuum cleaner.

Nintendo pays for itself Next Level Games (Luigi's Mansion 3)

Credit: Nintendo

To develop Luigi's Mansion 3, Nintendo delegated the job to Next Level Games. And the Japanese company spends the second by offering the studio , of Canadian origin.

Nintendo is pleased to acquire Next Level Games

Next Level Games is no illustrious unknown for Nintendo. The Japanese firm has already entrusted several developments to the Canadian studio: Mario Smash Football, which is rather addictive to many, or Luigi's Mansion 3. After several years of collaboration, Nintendo seems quite satisfied with the job of Next Level Games to afford the studio . A kind of dubbing for the Canadian who now works under the tutelage of a giant!

" The total acquisition will allow Nintendo to secure the availability of Next Level Games, as well as its know-how in terms of development , but also make the time and quality of future games easier and easier communication ", explains the giant Japanese in its press release. The Japanese company specifies that it has been working with its new foal for “ about 15 years ”. Happy with the job of Next Level Games, Nintendo recalls that Luigi's Mansion 3 is " excellent ". A pretty flattery!

Today, Nintendo seems more determined than ever to strengthen its ranks. Next Level Games represents, logically, an additional step. In the world of video games, acquisitions of the genre are not uncommon. The latest? The takeover of Bethesda (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Wolfenstein, Deathloop…) by Microsoft for a nice sum of 7.5 billion dollars!

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