Nio ET7, Tesla Model S have a new competitor

Most of the time, when it comes to electric vehicles, the name of the automaker that comes up the most frequently is Tesla. Moreover, we must admit that the automaker has not finished talking about him . Yet, did you know that there are other automakers that deserve as much attention as Tesla and even insidiously are working to exceed the performance of their electric vehicles?

As SmartMotion reported to us on Monday, January 11, there are currently at least two car manufacturers who have designed electric cars that rival Tesla: The American manufacturer Lucid Motors, which has developed the Lucid Air with its 832 km of autonomy, and the Chinese car manufacturer Nio which has also embarked on the design of electric vehicles.

Nio Et7 Tesla Model S Have A New Competitor
The Nio ET7 – Credits Nio

And the least we can say is that Nio is not going dead hand. Nicknamed " the Chinese Tesla ", Nio has developed an elegant electric sedan which, a priori, has absolutely nothing to envy to Tesla cars and even presents itself as a rival of the Tesla Model S.

Power, endurance and autonomous driving functions

Although Chinese automaker Nio doesn't do much talk, it has already developed no less than three SUVs and an EP9 supercar. This time around, the Chinese manufacturer set out to design a luxury electric sedan dubbed the ET7 with more than intriguing performance.

At first glance, this elegant large sedan already stands out with its fully glazed roof. But also by the 33 very discreet sensors that compose it, among which we find cameras, long-range lidar, millimeter wave radars and ultrasonic sensors which are all used for autonomous driving.

Moreover, the ET7 not only seduces with its exterior appearance, as it also throws it under the hood. On the transmission side, this electric vehicle is equipped with a 180 kW motor for the front axle and 300 kW for the rear axle. It would go from 0 to 100 in just 3.9 seconds.

Nio's ET7 offers no less than 500 km of range and will increase to 1000 km in 2022

For the moment, this Nio ET7 will only be available in China and at the time of its launch, customers will have the choice between a 70 kWh battery pack, which offers up to 500 km of range or a 100 kWh battery. which reaches 700 km of autonomy.

Note that Nio plans to deploy 500 battery replacement devices, called Battery as a Service (BaaS) across China by December 2020. However, the use of this automated station may be subject to a monthly subscription of 47,900 euros for the 70 kWh version and 64,100 euros for the 100 kWh version. Without a subscription, the price of using the BaaS will increase to 56,800 euros for the 70 kWh version.

Nio has also announced that it will offer a 150 kWh battery by the end of 2022 which will reach 1000 km of autonomy. Beside that, Tesla will have to do better with the 800 km of autonomy offered by its Model S Plaid .

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