No need to break the bank with the Elephone Ecam X 1080p webcam at 15 €

Gearbest has thought of those who are looking for a cheap webcam: the Elephone Ecam X is indeed offered at a price of 15 € with the discount code ELEPHONECAM .

As always, the product is sold new and it comes with all its usual accessories. Shipments will however be from China, with shipments starting on January 8. Delivery times will depend on the chosen formula.

No Need To Break The Bank With The Elephone Ecam X 1080p Webcam At 15 E
The Elephone Ecam X in action

Please note, the promo is supposed to last 2 days only and the code set up will work a limited number of times.

The Ecam X telephone at a discounted price

The Elephone Ecam X is an interesting size product. The webcam can indeed be used in two different ways. Basically, it can be placed on any flat surface. A desk, a dining table or even a bedside table.

However, his foot can also turn into a pincer. By unfolding it, you can then hang the webcam on the screen of a stationary PC or laptop. It will also be able to adapt to all configurations since the angle of the foot can be finely modified.

The technical part is not left out either. The camera is equipped with a 1 / 2.2 ″ sensor and can shoot at 1920 x 1080. With a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The optics are wide-angle and the camera is also equipped with autofocus and a microphone. So you will not need an additional accessory to converse with your colleagues or with members of your family.

To connect it, nothing complicated, just plug its USB connector into a port on your computer. The camera supports most existing systems. And if you want, you can even plug it into a TV.

In the end, therefore, the Elephone Ecam X is versatile and offers great benefits, with a very affordable price.

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