NordVPN launched NordPass, its password manager

With its new service called NordPass , NordVPN wants to allow us to easily manage our passwords. This is a solution that is aimed at both professionals and individuals.

Protecting computer data requires the use of complex passwords to the point that we sometimes have trouble remembering them. The cases of forgetting are unfortunately increasing due to the fact that we are forced to manage several passwords to secure our online accounts. Faced with this reality, VPN provider NordVPN designed NordPass. As its name suggests, it is a computer tool whose role is to help us manage our passwords.

Nordvpn Launched Nordpass Its Password Manager

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Compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge browsers, this new password manager is intended to be both practical and reliable.

Note, however, that browser extensions will only work if you install an additional application called NordPass Background App. In particular, this needs to be installed on a desktop computer.

A new tool to manage your passwords

Given the important role passwords play in protecting our personal data, some of us may wonder if NordPass is really reliable.

The risks are even greater when we entrust the management of our authentication data to a single application.

Speaking of which, NordVPN promises encryption and decryption that only occurs on the user's device. NordPass is thus based on the AES-256-GCM protocol with Argon2 and on a zero-knowledge encryption method. The data is thus automatically encrypted before leaving the system.

An open password manager

NordPass also includes options that allow importing passwords from various browsers (Chrome, Opera Firefox) and password management solutions (KeePass, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane or BitWarden, etc.) Authentication that resides on a CSV file is also supported.

Note that this new computer tool from NordVPN can be used for free. If you choose the free version, you will only get the service on one device. The paid plans, whose base price is 2.49 dollars / two years, allow them to benefit from extended privileges.

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