O2, the new horror film by Alexandre Aja

Alexandre Aja has announced that he is working on a new horror film for Netflix. Called O2, it will focus on a woman trapped in a cryogenic chamber, without memories.

Born at the end of the 70s in Paris, Alexandra Aja has established herself as one of the best French directors. Critically acclaimed with the film Haute Tension, a film that won him the Grand Prix for European Fantastic Film, he then went on to success, even managing to make a name for himself in Hollywood thanks to the remake of La Colline a des Yeux.

O2 The New Horror Film By Alexandre Aja
Photo by Corina Rainer – Unsplash

And now he's working on a new horror movie for Netflix.

O2, a survival thriller by Alexandre Aja

O2 will pose more like a survival thriller, with an atmosphere behind closed doors that promises good times in perspective.

The story will indeed focus on a young woman played by Mélanie Laurent, a young woman who will wake up alone and with amnesia in a cryogenic capsule that looks like a coffin, without any memory of what led her there.

Worse still, she does not know how to get out of her chamber either and it will very quickly start to lack oxygen. The only solution is to remember your past and find your memory. It will then follow a race against the clock morning of introspection with, one imagines it, an outcome as only the director has the secret.

No date has yet been announced, but we know that O2 is expected around mid-year on Netflix.

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