Office 2016 Professional Plus: OEM version 2021 price

Office 2016 Professional Plus is offered with a solid promotion at the moment at Urcdkey and the OEM license will therefore cost you no more than 25.19 € with the discount code set up by the store.

OEM licenses do not work like traditional licenses. Unlike the latter, they are in fact attached directly to the machine on which they are installed and it is therefore impossible to transfer them to another computer.

Office 2016 Professional Plus Oem Version At E 25 19

As a result, if you buy one of these licenses and then switch PCs, you will unfortunately have to go through checkout again.

Office 2016 Professional Plus on sale

Ditto if you make significant changes to the configuration of your machine, of course.

Furthermore, Urcdkey does not provide installers, only keys. If you want to install Office 2016 Professional Plus on your computer, you will therefore have to retrieve the installation files by going to the Microsoft site at this address .

Fortunately, the procedure to follow is quite simple and all you have to do is identify yourself with your Microsoft account and enter the key in the field dedicated to this purpose to be able to download the installation files for the suite.

A limited time offer

Office 2016 Professional Plus is the most complete version of the famous office suite and thus groups together all its models. This of course applies to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even Outlook, but also to Publisher and Skype Enterprise.

If the adventure tempts you, it's not complicated and you just have to go to this address to order. Just remember to enter the code URCDK10% when validating your basket to benefit from an additional reduction of 10% and thus obtain the continuation at the price indicated a little above.

Buy Office 2016 Professional Plus for € 25.19

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