A map of the ancient river systems of Mars has been created

Did you know that there were rivers on Mars around three to four billion years ago? Satellite images and discoveries made by rovers sent to the Red Planet do attest to the existence of these rivers, Universe Today reports, and the fact that Mars is little exposed to erosion and tectonics has meant that the evidence of this ancient presence of rivers have remained intact .

To get an overview of these ancient waterbeds, a team of scientists have designed software that allows these rivers to be examined with precision. They were thus able to create an image of 8 trillion pixels of the entire Martian surface, each pixel of which represents an area of approximately 5 to 6 square meters.

A map of the ancient river systems of Mars has been created
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A great initiative that will allow scientists from all backgrounds to carry out research on the Martian environment.

The ridges are only present in the southern hemisphere of Mars

Among the research that has been done on the Martian surface is a map of the river ridges present on Mars that appeared in Geology . In fact, these river ridges are created from the sediment that a river collects in its descent and that it deposits in various places. However, ridges of large sizes can form in some of them.

Thanks to the global image of the Martian surface, it was found that only the southern hemisphere of Mars has ridges. The most likely reason would be that the northern hemisphere only reappeared a few billion years ago, and before it had all but disappeared due to lava flows.

The southern Martian hemisphere, one of the flattest surfaces in the solar system

In contrast, one of the article's authors, Woodward Fischer, said that the Martian southern hemisphere is among the " flattest surfaces in the solar system ." This is ideal for detecting ridges from sediment deposits as they have a distinctive height from the surrounding flat area.

In any case, this new detailed map stands as a useful guide to geological and environmental processes on Mars. Scientists could thus use it to better understand the Martian surface and improve future exploration missions.

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