On Chrome, there is an extension to put yourself in the skin of a color blind

For most people, when we see a color we are sure that the people around us see the same.

If I see the light turn red, for example, I'm sure the motorists have seen it too. But this is unfortunately not the case for everyone. Color blind people are unable to perceive certain colors. “ Colorblindly ” is precisely a Chrome extension that allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a color blind and see how he perceives the web.

On Chrome, there is an extension to put yourself in the skin of a color blind

A Chrome extension to see like a color blind

According to a report by the American institute of health, the National Eye Institute , about 8% of men and 0.5% of women of Northern European descent have color blindness , and thus have difficulty distinguishing between red and green hues. . When they browse the Internet, therefore, these people do not perceive websites in the same way as we do.

To show us the internet from a colorblind's point of view, web developer Andrew VanNess created a Chrome extension he dubbed “ Colorblindly ”.

Colorblindly changes the colors displayed by your browser to reflect the way people with color blindness see the world. The goal is to allow website designers to assess the accessibility of their sites, for everyone.

To do this, Colorblindly “places a CSS filter on the webpage that changes the color ratios according to current types of color blindness,” VanNess explains on the extension's Github page .

An easier to use web for people with color blindness

Seeing the web through the eyes of a person with color blindness is a very revealing experience. We get to see with the eyes of someone suffering from achromatomaly , where only a few tints of blue are visible, which removes most of the saturation from the images.

In the case of achromatopsia , or total color blindness , the color is completely sucked out. Deuteranopia and protanopia (absence of retinal red receptors) are the most spectacular forms – most of the colors appear to be reversed.

Colorblindly is a way to make web developers aware that the websites and apps they create aren't necessarily right for everyone. A more focused web design would make it easier for many people with color blindness to use what the rest of us take for granted.

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