On TikTok, kids think we’re living in a simulation

On TikTok , a bizarre theory to say the least is spreading like wildfire. Its followers believe that we human beings are controlled by an ultra-advanced civilization like video game characters.

Social media is a great way to discover new things and connect with people from all corners of the globe. These platforms are also known to be highly effective when it comes to sharing information. Alongside Facebook and Twitter, TikTok is winning over more and more people. With around 800 million active users in 2020, the Chinese social network is particularly popular with teenagers and young people, with 41% of its members aged between 16 and 24. And in recent weeks, an intriguing theory has gone viral there.

On TikTok, kids think we’re living in a simulation

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According to our colleagues at Futurism.com , this is called "simulation theory".

A theory popular with TikTok users

It is a concept initiated in 2001 by the Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom. Imported by a user named Heidi Wong on TikTok, it is increasingly convincing teenage members of the social network. This rather peculiar idea suggests that our world is a giant Matrix-like simulation environment, reports Futurism.

The theory thus considers that the fate of the inhabitants of the Earth is in the hands of an ultra-advanced civilization (human or extraterrestrial) which has created a large virtual environment. Therefore, everything on Earth, including humans, would form this virtual world like parts of a video game.

Are we in a simulation?

This proves to be difficult to answer, but TikToker Heidi Wong shared her opinion. "There is only one basic reality, so statistically we are more likely to be in a simulation," he argued, considering that recent advances in video games prove the theory. .

For the time being, testing this kind of hypothesis will still be difficult due to lack of resources. But that certainly won't stop followers from spending a good deal of their time trying to solve the puzzle. While waiting to receive the first reports, know that TikTok figures like Scarlett Mills, Emily Montgomery and Ashley Lanese have succumbed to the trend.

But simulation theory is obviously not limited to TikTok and many researchers are also interested . The consensus is that the only way to answer this question is to study the Universe and determine if it is finite or infinite. In the first case, the simulation seems more likely.

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