OnePlus prepares surprises for the photo

OnePlus should soon add two new flagships to its collection, the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro . These two devices will offer it to strengthen its positions in the market and they could even be accompanied by a third variant, the OnePlus 9 Lite.

If these devices should bring a lot of new technical features, they should in particular be powered by a Snapdragon 888 , we must also expect small surprises in terms of software.

OnePlus prepares surprises for the photo

And precisely, by dismantling the APK file of the OnePlus camera, our colleagues from XDA-Developers have found mentions alluding to some of these new functions.

New in the photo for the OnePlus

Among the latter, we should expect a brand new shooting mode: the “Moon” mode. As its name suggests, the latter will allow the brand's devices to take better photos of our satellite. Several filters should also allow us to customize its look.

A new effect is also expected: Starbust. An effect that will give us the possibility of transforming a light source into a myriad of shards. At the moment, we don't know much more about the options that will be associated with it.

Third novelty on the list, the “tilt shift” mode. Although we do not yet know how it will be managed, we at least know what it will allow us to do. The idea will indeed be to shift – logically? – the lens and the sensor to give a miniature aspect to the photos.

The video will not be outdone either. Also in this APK file, the colleagues of XDA also found traces of a new mode of shooting. A mode allowing to capture hyperlapse and therefore accelerated videos.

The video not forgotten

Last but not least , the OnePlus camera application could also set up a focus peaking system to facilitate manual focusing. If this term does not evoke anything in you, know that this effect simply allows to color the part on which the focus is made. It is very common on reflex or hybrid cameras, or even on professional cameras, but much less on smartphones. This suggests that the next OnePlus could mark the arrival of a complete pro video mode and modeled on what we find on board our cameras.

For now, it is not yet clear when these new features will be integrated into the OnePlus camera application, or even if the old models will be able to take advantage of them.

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