OnePlus x Oppo: a merger of R&D departments online?

DoNews reports astonishing news tonight to say the least. According to our colleagues, the R&D departments of OnePlus and Oppo have merged. More intriguingly, all offers for these positions would now be issued by Oppo, and no longer by OnePlus.

The information, which has not yet been confirmed by the main stakeholders, would come from sources close to Oppo.

OnePlus x Oppo: a merger of R&D departments online?

According to these sources, this merger does not date back to yesterday and it was thus initiated at the end of last year.

OnePlus and Oppo would now share the same R&D department

If DoNews is to be believed, the R&D departments of OnePlus and Oppo would indeed have merged in December and they are now part of the same group. However, the scope of this merger would for the moment be limited to the material aspect.

In other words, OnePlus and Oppo should continue to develop their own platform on their own.

The sources of our colleagues compared this merger to what has been put in place by Xiaomi and Redmi. If the two brands coexist in the same paradigm, they do indeed share the same R&D department, which at the same time allows the two players to rationalize their costs and to achieve substantial savings.

A merger that augurs well for the future of OnePlus

In addition, it should be remembered that these merger rumors do not go back to yesterday, but to June of last year. Some had even mentioned at the time a possible disappearance of OnePlus. A rumor that had not really convinced us, the brand enjoying good visibility in many markets.

If the two actors had not confirmed anything at the time, OnePlus had nevertheless taken a step in this direction with the OnePlus 8T , a smartphone equipped with Oppo's fast charging technology. A technology offering a similar power – 65 W – and presenting the same characteristics, such as the use of two separate batteries to avoid overheating problems.

Contrary to what one might think, this news, assuming it is well founded, is therefore pretty good. OnePlus will indeed be able to directly benefit from the innovations developed by Oppo, whether in terms of hardware or in terms of data processing.

By extension, this also means that the brand's next devices should be much better in photography, an area in which Oppo has increased investments in recent years.

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