Oppo designed a smartphone with a detachable camera

Oppo has been the source of many innovations in recent years, to name only VOOC. And the firm obviously does not intend to stop there, as evidenced by one of the last patents filed by it, a patent presenting a smartphone with a camera capable of detaching.

As a rule, our smartphones are equipped with two photo modules.

And Oppo Imagined A Smartphone With A Detachable Camera
Oppo has imagined an extractable photo module

The first is placed at the back and is used to take pictures of other subjects. As for the second, it sits on the front and is primarily intended for capturing selfies.

An extractable photo module designed by Oppo

Given the technical constraints inherent in component miniaturization, front end modules are generally less efficient than those placed at the rear. For several years, manufacturers have therefore sought a way to reverse the situation.

Some have thus had the idea of placing screens on the side and others of our smartphones in order to allow us to frame ourselves while shooting with the rear module. Others have gone even further by developing modules capable of pivoting and moving from rear to front.

Oppo seems to be digging a radically different track. The firm has indeed filed a very innovative patent featuring a smartphone with an extractable photo module.

Filed with the World Intellectual Property Office, the document is quite comprehensive and gives us a pretty good idea of how such technologies might work.

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And why not interchangeable photo modules?

Concretely, therefore, it would be to place the photo module in a room completely independent of the smartphone, a room directly embedded in a location located at its back.

By pressing a button, the user could therefore eject the module. It would then suffice to reveal its USB Type-C connector to plug it into the port of the same type, located on the lower edge of the smartphone, pointing it in its direction. He could then take a picture of himself without the slightest difficulty.

Better yet, the USB Type-C connector would even be pivoted to allow us to place the photo module horizontally or vertically.

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The idea is attractive, especially since such a system could lead to other technologies. After all, if you can remove the photo module from your smartphone, then why not replace it with another module, as we would with the optics of an SLR or a hybrid.

However, at this stage, it is still only a patent and obviously nothing says that this idea will lead to a real product.

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