Oppo starts teasing its Find X3 product and specs

Oppo made a sensational entry into France this year, with no less than two truly exceptional ranges: the Find X2 and the Reno 4. But the brand obviously does not intend to stop there and it has thus started to tease a whole new range: the Find X3 .

If you expect to see product renderings or even videos showing them from every angle, then you will have to go your way.

Oppo starts teasing its Find X3 product and specs

Oppo Find X3 that will focus on the photo

For now, Oppo's teasing focuses mainly on the technical prowess of its new devices. And as much to be as clear as possible: they are very promising.

If we are to believe the information published by the manufacturer, then the Oppo Find X3 will be able to capture photos in 10-bit and with the full support of the DCI-P3, for a wide range of colors.

There is more, however. Oppo has also developed new algorithms which will aim to restore the most faithful images possible while reducing the appearance of noise or the phenomenon of distortion.

10-bit, 100% DCI-P3 coverage and new generation processing algos as a bonus

This phenomenon is very present in ultra wide angle optics which, by their very design, tend to stretch the lines.

Oppo also alludes to a technology called DOL, for Digital Overlap. Few details are given, except that this technique allows images to be captured at multiple exposures in order to improve the final rendering.

As for the format of the images, HEIF will be the preferred format, which will allow the Find X3s to store 10-bit images that are easily usable. In this regard, it should also be noted that the terminals will use algorithms whose purpose will be to ensure color fidelity.

On paper, it is therefore rather promising, but it will of course be necessary to wait to have the Find X3 in the hands to judge their capacities. And unfortunately, we should not hope to see them land before next year.

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