Original Apple-I auctioned for $ 500,000

Who remembers the very first Apple computers? Among the older ones we have the Apple-I line which, at the time, was handcrafted by the company's three founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Almost 40 years later, these first computers of the brand have become real collector's items that attract the envy of collectors.

Some people are willing to pay dearly to own one of the very first Apple computers, as evidenced by a recent auction which managed to sell an Apple-I computer for as little as $ 470,000, or about 400,000 euros.

Original Apple I Auctioned For 500000

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The auction was recently organized by the British company Christie's Auctions.

Made by Steve Wozniak himself

The famous Apple-I sold at $ 500,000 was one of the very first models offered by Apple in 1976, just a few months after the creation of the company.

It was revealed that the model carries the serial number 10, and that its components were assembled by hand by Steve Wozniak.

But unlike the original models which were nothing more than simple "boards" to connect with a keyboard and a television, the Apple-I offered for sale by Christie's comes in a case that offers many advantages: in addition to protecting the "Card" of the computer, it also allows it to be transported more simply and easily.

The Apple-I, a collector's item!

This is not the first time that an Apple-I has found itself sold at auction at a really high price. Just last year, a model was sold for 500,000 euros on the auction site Charitybuzz.

In 2014, another copy had sold for over $ 900,000, with the added bonus of an original video recorded by Steve Wozniak and an autograph by Ronald Wayne.

The enthusiasm for this old range of computers from the apple company is explained by its extreme rarity. It only had 200 units when it was launched in 1976. Today, there are only less than 70 units around the world.

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