Orion X, the world's most expensive and powerful PC

The English manufacturer Overclockers has developed the ultimate PC, called Orion X. This computer with unusual characteristics will be the dream of die-hard gamers.

It brings together two PCs in one to increase its performance and stay up to date … indefinitely.

Orion X, the world's most expensive and powerful PC

But this extreme debauchery of power also comes with astronomical prices.

"Monster PC"

Its technical sheet borders on utopia. It integrates two Intel Core i7 processors, a 10-core i7 6950 X installed on an Asus X 99 Rampage V Extreme Edition 10 motherboard, and an i7 7700 K installed on an Asus Rog Strix.

The whole is supported by nearly 80 GB of RAM in total. The graphics are even crazier with four integrated Nvidia Titan X Pascal graphics cards. Each is worth nearly 1,400 euros, and has 12 GB of dedicated memory in GDDR5. This gives once added a capacity of 48 GB of memory for the graphics part.

Three graphics cards are attached to the first configuration, and the fourth is integrated into the second. Storage level, there is room thanks to the five SSDs offering a total of 4.2 TB of storage. This is little ? No worries, two Seagate Barracuda classic hard drives of 10 TB each are there to support the SSDs.

All these components heat up and consume a lot (power supply unit of 1200 watts), which is why three water cooling systems are present. You can admire the entrails of the beast thanks to its classic glass case on the side.

Performance = Price

This version of the Orion X is an update of last year's model, to integrate the most recent components inside, and thus offer even more power.

And who says power, says performance, but above all says price. The price thus climbs to 29,520 euros. The price of a nice car or thirty iPhone 7 Plus. No wonder when you know the average price of computer components and the integration here of the most powerful existing parts.

With this model, no problem to run all the games in ultra high resolutions. However, its usefulness is relative. This PC is reserved for a luxury niche market. Nevertheless, it will make passionate gamers dream.

Fortunately, much cheaper models allow us to play properly without us needing such a proposal. The low average is around 1000 euros to play correctly, sometimes less, it all depends on your use. 3000 euros is a substantial sum which already provides access to very high-end configurations, and which will remain on top for several years to run the games that will be released.

It must be said that games always require more power, by offering graphics ever closer to reality.

Another solution is to upgrade your PC over the years to improve it by little touch. An economical and practical solution not to be overlooked. Besides, what is your configuration to play?

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