OS X 10.10 Yosemite: Introducing Calendar, Reminders and Notes

OS X 10.10 Yosemite plays the card of minimalism with stripped-down visuals emphasizing content. The same obviously goes for all native applications provided by Apple . Question of logic. And if that goes for Safari and Mail , it also works for Calendar , Reminders and Notes . Ah, we can even say that the designers of the firm did not go there with the back of the spoon. The proof is on video right away, and a little further in the article.

Disclaimer: This video was shot on the first beta of the system. Many things are therefore likely to change in the weeks and months to come. Especially since there is a taste of the unfinished for some of these solutions.

Os X 10 10 Yosemite Introducing Calendar Reminders And Notes

Apple has always been keen to produce interfaces inspired by everyday life, and therefore by real life. Everything has changed with iOS 7. In an instant, the firm swept away much of its history, opting for “flat design” on all levels. Needless to say, Calendar, Reminders and Notes are also part of this new trend.

Mind you, this is not new since the new Calendar and Notes interface was introduced with Mavericks. Reminders, he was a little left behind and the team in charge of the project therefore took advantage of the launch of the beta version of OS X 10.10 to give us a whole new interface… quite empty.

The same goes for Notes which abandons the yellow background of our notes in favor of a pretty virginal white.

Apart from these aesthetic adjustments, I have not noticed a big change on these tools. They may be updated with the next beta.

On the other hand, for the Calendar, we are entitled to a new very interesting view for the current day , a view which is also reminiscent of the “Today” tab of the notification center. With one click, it is thus possible to have the list of all the scheduled appointments, and to modify them on the fly without having to open them.

A video worth more than a thousand speeches, here is a little handling shot by me.

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