OS X 10.10 Yosemite: Introducing Safari

OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been available for a little over a week in beta for anyone with a developer account. Which is precisely my case. After the system's interface , its notification center and internal search , the time has come to tackle the improvements made by the new version of Safari . And with a bonus video, because you're worth it and also because it's funnier like that.

Disclaimer: This video was shot on the first beta of the system. Many things are therefore likely to change in the weeks and months to come.

Os X 10 10 Yosemite Introducing Safari

Safari on OS X 10.10. We are almost looking for the interface.

According to the executives of the firm, this new version would be significantly faster than the previous one. There are some better sites, it's true, but nothing revolutionary either.

It is quite different for the interface of the application which is much easier to learn. Maybe too much, by the way. On this ground, Apple was strongly inspired by the iOS version of its browser. The entire interface of the application is based on a horizontal bar grouping together the usual buttons, and the famous address bar.

Again, there is something new since the latter will only display the domain address by default (eg apple.com). To obtain the full URL, you will have to click in the field.

By doing this, we will also see a list of all the favorites stored in the tab bar, as well as the most frequently visited sites. It will then suffice to enter a few letters for the browser to send us a list of suggestions divided into several blocks: Google searches , iCloud tabs , bookmarks and history . It's clean, it's neat, it's flawless.

By opening a new tab, we will also access a new page consisting of a sidebar and a content area. With the key, three tabs to access favorites, history or links shared by our friends on Twitter. You will obviously need to identify yourself using your account by snooping around in the settings of OS X 10.10 for it to work.

Without reinventing the wheel, this new version therefore brings some interesting changes, and well thought out. We end with the video mentioned a little above.

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