OS X: how to make the emoji keyboard appear?

OS X may not be perfect, but the system still has many strengths, many advantages, and it has the good idea to integrate a ton of very useful tools in everyday life. Proof of this, it offers a virtual keyboard entirely dedicated … to emojis. Yes, and the best thing about it is that a simple keyboard shortcut is enough to make it appear on the screen.

This trick is not new, of course, but not everyone is necessarily familiar with it and it could therefore interest some of you since you will no longer need to go through dedicated services to fetch your small images.

Os X How To Make The Emoji Keyboard Appear

This keyboard will save you precious time every day.

It may therefore save you a lot of time, especially if you are the type to punctuate each of your sentences with an emoji.

A keyboard full of emojis hidden in OS X

To make this magic keyboard appear, it is not very complicated because it is enough to simultaneously press the keys CTRL + CMD + Space. When this is done, OS X will open a small flyout window right in the middle of your screen, a window made up of dozens of different designs.

In order to make things easier for you, Apple had the good idea to integrate a search engine. It will therefore suffice to type in a few well-understood keywords to find the image suited to your current state of mind.

If you are not very inspired, this is obviously not a problem because the emojis are arranged by category and you just have to click on the tab of your choice, at the bottom, to access the section that interests you.

So what about adding an emoji to a message? Again, it is not very difficult. If you like an image, just click on it to include it in the active window.

Ah and if not, know that you will also find a special button placed in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, you will modify the content and structure of the window to be able to navigate more easily within the different sections of the keyboard.

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