Parler is no longer hosted on Amazon’s servers and gets annoyed

Twitter has taken a new turn since Donald Trump was permanently banned. A decision taken following the attack on the Capitol by supporters of the President of the United States (until January 20). Some supporters of Donald Trump having used to meet on Twitter to exchange hateful ideas, the social network has decided to clean up. The latter now meet on alternative services, such as Parler. An application banned from the App Store and Play Store for its content deemed to be disinformation, with many conspiratorial publications.

If there are still fairly easy techniques to retrieve the application on your smartphone, the social network is now inaccessible on the server side.

Parler is no longer hosted on Amazon’s servers and gets annoyed

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Amazon has decided to no longer host Parler, causing the service to react , as The Verge reports.

Amazon decides to take Talking offline, which no one wants

Talking is in a delicate situation. Amazon has decided to no longer host the social network, judging that it offers " content that encourages or incites violence against others " and " poses a real risk to public safety ". A decision made as several Talk users encouraged the attack on Capitol Hill last Wednesday, with several posts that were not removed.

Parler was launched in 2018, presented as the true social network for freedom of expression . Its number of users has increased significantly in recent times, especially after Twitter's decision to delete Donald Trump's account. Not to mention an explosion of conspiracy theories on Talk about an allegedly rigged presidential election , stolen by Joe Biden.

Parler CEO Johny Matz posted on the social network that Amazon, Google and Apple are working together to put a damper on him , adding that they " won't win!" We are the last hope in the world for freedom of expression and free information ”.

The man also specifies that Parler could be offline for at least a week while " we are starting from the beginning ".

Speaking, to continue to exist, will have to find a new host that accepts its content deemed to be violent, hateful and conspiratorial.

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