PCs with a 4G connection coming very soon

Microsoft has been working for several months with Qualcomm to launch computers equipped with a 4G chip. The first results of this collaboration should be visible in a few weeks.

Microsoft took advantage of a press announcement organized at the end of last year to announce with great fanfare the return of Windows 10 on the ARM platform. Earlier in the year, the Redmond firm had outbid it by mentioning the upcoming launch of a PC based on Qualcomm's latest high-end chip, the famous Snapdragon 835.

Pcs With A 4g Connection Coming Very Soon

It seems that the efforts of the American giant are on the verge of bearing fruit.

Windows 10 ARM, for more nomadic and more connected PCs

According to Zdnet , Microsoft is indeed in the process of finalizing Windows 10 for ARM and the first portable machines to take advantage of it should be introduced before the end of the year.

For the moment, little technical information has filtered out, but these machines will respect very specific specifications and they will all be delivered with a communication module and with an eSIM card.

This technology is still little known to laymen, but it is starting to become more democratic and several manufacturers have thus chosen to integrate an eSIM card into their devices. Apple has provided its latest connected watch with a card of this type and Google has done the same with the Pixel 2 and its famous variation.

To put it simply, these cards allow you to do away with the traditional piece of plastic supplied by our operators. The idea is obviously to tend towards complete dematerialization.

Asus, HP and Lenovo have responded

Thanks to this feature, machines equipped with Windows 10 ARM will remain connected at all times and the most mobile users will be able to continue to access their resources without having to find a wireless access point. In short, exactly like our smartphones.

Qualcomm has been working on the project since its inception and the founder will thus provide the modem for these machines. The choice of Microsoft and its partners naturally fell on the X16 LTE because of its excellent speeds.

Of course, operators will have to follow behind, but these new machines could give the market a serious boost.

Currently, three manufacturers have announced their desire to launch machines equipped with Windows 10 ARM: Asus, Lenovo and HP. Microsoft is however in the process of negotiating other agreements with several of its historical partners.

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