PeerTube goes live with V3

PeerTube has decided to have a makeover. Through a statement posted on its blog , the software announced the arrival of a new version that will allow users to access live and peer-to-peer video streaming. This feature debuts in PeerTube V3.

As a reminder, PeerTube is an alternative to centralizing video platforms such as YouTube. Concretely, this software allows server administrators to create a PeerTube website where “Internet users can view and upload videos. » The ability to create instances from the software gives users a lot of freedom.

Peertube Goes Live With V3
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In its press release, PeerTube indicated that the implementation of lives on V3 could not have been done without the support of its community. Indeed, they had to raise funds to raise the necessary sum for the development of this option.

PeerTube focuses on minimalism and efficiency

The PeerTube team needed € 60,000 to finance the development of the lives. The money they raised through their fundraising exceeded all of their expectations. Indeed, they were able to raise a total of € 68,000 thanks to the generosity of donors.

They took advantage of their press release to thank the “patrons” of this v3, namely Octopuce, which specializes in outsourcing of free tools and Code Lutin, which is a development company specializing in free software. Thanks to these many contributions, PeerTube has been able to deploy a live video broadcast that “works very well. The peer-to-peer live is presented as a minimalist and efficient function.

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How do PeerTube lives work?

The press release published by PeerTube emphasizes the main characteristics of these lives. We learn in particular that there will be a delay which varies between 30 seconds and 1 minute between the videographer and the audience. PeerTube emphasizes that it will be able to provide hundreds of simultaneous views depending on the power of the server and its load.

On the other hand, the people who host the instance will be able to access administration options. We know that the live will be done with a video streaming tool (PeerTube recommends the use of free software OBS) with two options. The first is the "ephemeral" direct with a unique identifier. As PeerTube points out, “it will offer the possibility of saving the video to create a replay on the same link. "The second is the direct" permanent "," whose operation will look more like that of a Twitch channel, but without the replay. "

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V3 also arrives with improvements in menus, notifications, administration and moderation tools.

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