Pegatron reportedly working on an ARM MacBook

Pegatron , one of Apple's biggest suppliers, is reportedly currently working on a MacBook powered by an ARM chip. In any case, this is what certain sources close to the industry suggest.

It has been several years now that we hear of a new change of processors on Macs sold by the Californian brand. Some observers indeed expect that the company will end up turning away from Intel chips to focus on its own processors, processors this time based on the ARM architecture.

Pegatron reportedly working on an ARM MacBook

More interestingly, according to these sources, the first machines equipped with such a processor should arrive on the market by 2020.

Soon Macs under ARM at Apple?

Apple, for its part, has not confirmed or denied anything, leaving the field open to all rumors and speculation.

The latest one comes straight from the controversial Digitimes. Citing sources close to production lines, the site suggests that a MacBook equipped with an ARM processor is currently being developed at Pegatron.

The information should be taken with caution, but the sources of our colleagues said that the final details of the agreement had just been finalized and that a first order would be in preparation.

If you are closely interested in all the news surrounding the affairs of the brand, then you undoubtedly know that a device called by the code name Star is in preparation at the company.

Divergent rumors

According to recent rumors, the development of this device should be entrusted to Pegatron. The Digitimes article therefore seems to go in this direction.

However, not everyone agrees on the exact nature of this device and if some think that this code name could refer to the first Mac under ARM, others think on the other hand that it designates one of the the company's next iPhone. The cheapest, to be exact.

As it stands, caution is therefore required and Digitimes' statements should be taken with the most extreme precautions.

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