Phil Spencer put his Xbox Series X up for sale on eBay

Phil Spencer has listed his Xbox Series X for sale on eBay . The console, signed by his hand, seems to meet with great success with collectors. Still in progress, the auction has effectively hit $ 3,200 at the time of this writing.

The boss of Xbox is often where you least expect him to be and he proves it once again by putting his own Xbox Series X up for sale on eBay.

Phil Spencer put his Xbox Series X up for sale on eBay
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The console, completely new, is of course delivered with all its original accessories, but it also has a little something extra.

An Xbox Series X signed by the hand of Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer has indeed affixed his signature and his gamertag on the front of his case, not far from his optical drive. A signature which should of course be of great interest to collectors, but also to fans of the brand.

Fans who seem to have responded overwhelmingly present. Even though the auction has just started on eBay, the console's price is already reaching $ 3,200. The best is yet to come, as the sale will last for another five days. The price of the console is therefore likely to skyrocket this weekend.

Precision which is important, the sale is quite limited and only people residing in the United States can bid. Deliveries will therefore not be made to Europe or France.

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The auctions are racing

So of course, if Phil Spencer got involved in this project, it is not to bail out his accounts. In reality, he will not receive a single penny, so the money generated from the sale will go to the New York Video Game Critics Circle nonprofit.

The organization in question is deeply rooted in the video game sector and helps defend developers, independent studios and freelancers. It also works to reduce the digital divide by allowing people in precarious situations to familiarize themselves with video games.

No offense to its (too) many detractors, video games are indeed not a stupefying hobby. It even has an artistic dimension and it also allows you to express yourself differently while allowing people who are sometimes very different to connect with each other.

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A link which, these days, can only have a beneficial impact on our lives.

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