Philips Hue products on sale at Amazon

Amazon is starting the sales on the hats, with a lot of very interesting discounts. Several of them relate to Philips Hue products, with discounts that should appeal to some of you. The starter pack including three White & Color Ambiance E27 bulbs, a connection bridge and a connected socket will cost you € 159.90. As for the pack comprising three White Ambiance E27 bulbs, it will cost you only € 54.90.

These products will all be sold and shipped by Amazon and of course come from the Philips Hue store. All the usual guarantees apply and you can even have it delivered tomorrow.

Philips Hue Products On Sale At Amazon
Philips offers great discounts on Hue.

Note, however, that these promotions are offered while stocks last. They can be suspended at any time without notice.

The Philips Hue starter kit

The Philips Hue starter kit is therefore the first to benefit from a discount and it will cost you € 159.90 .

A fair price considering everything it offers. In this pack, you will find three White & Color Ambiance E27 connected LED bulbs, their connection bridge, but also a connected socket that will allow you to control any other electrical device.

Philips Hue obliges, the solution is of course compatible with all voice assistants on the market. This goes for Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

The set of three White Ambiance E27 bulbs

Second product in promotion, this set of three White Ambiance E27 bulbs which is priced at € 54.90 .

A bundle that will be of interest to people who already have a few Philips Hue products and want to extend the reach of their network to new parts. These three bulbs will indeed go a little further and make your home even smarter.

GU10 bulbs

Philips Hue is not limited to screw bulbs and the manufacturer also has some spots in its catalog in GU10 format. And once again, these are on offer at a good price at Amazon right now.

The pack comprising three GU10 White & Color bulbs will come back to you at the price of 119.90 € , a nice discount compared to its usual price. And if you don't need as many bulbs, then you can also turn to the pack comprising two bulbs which is offered this time at € 94.90 .

The Philips Hue Play

Last but not least , Philips Hue Play lamps are also available with a slight reduction. It is not huge, it is indeed around 10 €, but it is still good to take. The pack of two lamps will cost you € 119.90 .

Very popular, Hue Play can be used for a lot of things, but they were mainly designed to accompany a screen or a television. And if it will be possible to place them standing or lying down, you can also hang them behind your screen thanks to the included velcro.

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