Walmart stuff -Phonespa Sanitizer Reviews

Walmart stuff -Phonespa Sanitizer ReviewsPhone spa sanitizer wand reviews

Phonespa Sanitizer Reviews: The handheld PhoneSpa portable UV light sanitizer is a lightweight instrument that destroys germs and bacteria instantaneously without the hassle of wiping or detergent. The laboratory has shown that in less than a minute it can destroy 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The portable sanitizer can disinfect a variety of items, including iPads, remote control, laptops, doorknobs, sheets of bed, control wheels, toilet covers and more.

Walmart stuff -Phonespa Sanitizer ReviewsPhonespa Sanitizer walmart

With powerful ultraviolet technology, bacteria and microscopic germs are instantly killed without any toxic traces or smells left on any surface. The wall has an internal function as a protection measure, which shuts it off when the UV light is elevated.

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Its specific nature enables objects to be disinfected two way, by passing the sanitising wall as close as possible and a maximum of one half an inch over the object surface or in the place alone, allowing for 10 minutes of UV light penetration in the object.

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Thanks to its basic folding nature, it can be taken anywhere on the go, fits comfortably into your suitcase or bag, which is perfect during your travels. Micro USB charging can be easily loaded from any power source.

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