photo studio equipment checklist: 5 essential elements

Photographers who work in the studio must always be prepared with everything necessary to obtain the most successful pictures. The range of products used by a specialist in this field should not be missing: the backgrounds in front of which will be made the images, lights and accessories that can easily control them, props on various topics, stands for holding certain elements and ladder that will help you take frames from above.

Do you intend to open a photo studio or do you already have one and want to make sure it is properly equipped? Well, besides the camera which is mandatory and various types of lenses, there are other very important elements that you should have:


When it comes to the pictures taken in the studio, it is necessary that they be taken on a background that allows highlighting the subject and / or subsequent modification of the background with what the person wants.

Such a studio accessory has a standard size of 2.72 x 11 meters and runs, so you can install it on a special support. You're probably wondering why it's so long, when the rooms aren't usually. Well, because it will wear out over time and the surface must always be clean. The degraded part is discarded and a clean one is still used.

photo studio equipment checklist: 5 essential elements

There are, of course, smaller versions. They can have different sizes, depending on what interests you (for example, 150 x 200 cm, 122 x 365 cm, 300 x 600 cm, etc.). They are really useful when you want to pose larger subjects.

If the targets of your lens are portraits, jewelry or other smaller objects, then it is good to always have at hand smaller backgrounds – 30 x 30 cm, 30 x 40 cm and so on. The more varied they are, the better.

Another option that many photographers use is to turn a wall into a background. They simply paint the wall white or green with special solutions and no longer have to worry about installing these accessories, but everything is simple and fast.

In choosing this element, color is also very important. Most often you will find variants on white, because it is a neutral shade and does not influence the color or green or chroma blue, these two versions being recommended for when you want to change the background.

Lighting solutions and light handling accessories

Inside you will never have natural light outside, but it can be imitated with the help of various sources of artificial lighting and controlled by specific accessories.

There are a lot of types of bulbs that can be strategically placed so that they beat as you wish, softboxes that have the role of providing a soft and pleasant light, but also flashes that can be mounted on devices.

photo studio equipment checklist: 5 essential elements

Then, the light provided by them can be manipulated to fall in a certain way, to form shadows or not, to imitate windows and so on, if you take into account the elements that are famous for helping you control the light: diffusion umbrellas and reflection, softboxes, blinds of various colors and so on. You will definitely find a lot of such articles, and if you learn to use them they will be of real use to you.


When taking pictures in the studio (and not only), props are very important. This is especially important when you promise clients that you can take pictures with certain themes: newborns, Save the Date, Christmas, spring and so on. You must have at hand all kinds of accessories, decorative elements, which clearly show a certain theme.

Also in this category are the chairs that are used for pictures, such as in the case of people who make a personal portfolio, when you want to present some products or in all other situations.


These products are indispensable in photo studios. They will help you fix in a very practical way a lot of elements, from cameras and camcorders, to blinds, softboxes and many other accessories.

The stands are really useful when they allow adjustment according to how you need them, when they can be easily mounted / disassembled and when they have universal fastening systems, which allow the fixing of as many elements as possible.


Wondering what it might be useful for? Well, it will give the photographer comfort to easily take shots from a higher height, without having to struggle to lift the camera without seeing through the viewfinder, without climbing on all kinds of chairs.

photo studio equipment checklist: 5 essential elements

In order for everything to be as simple and comfortable as possible, you will need to purchase a two-part ladder that is also stable so that less unwanted events do not happen.

The items we have presented to you now should not be missing from the studio of any photographer, because they will make your work easier and will help you have really happy clients. Yes, you will have to invest in purchasing them, but you will also get results that you will enjoy later.

If some of them are missing from the room where you take pictures or if you want to change the older ones with newer ones, the online stores are at your disposal. From the specialized sites, which sell accessories of this type, you can buy the best backgrounds and lighting sources, the best photo blind , a quality softbox or other such elements.

Anything else you need, check in the online stores, where you will be surprised by the range of products and the affordable prices you can enjoy, especially if you follow the offers a bit.

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