Pinterest goes to stories

Pinterest today announced the arrival of a new function to bring its users together: Story Pins . Focus on what could change everything for the platform.

Pinterest does not know the crisis. Frequented by more than 400 million users from all over the world, the platform has indeed had a rather prosperous year 2020, exploding all its previous attendance records.

Pinterest Goes To Stories
Some examples of Story pins made with Pinterest

A logical peak given the current health context. Many of us took advantage of the confinements to redo our decor, dust off our cooking recipes or even indulge in new creative passions.

Pinterest gives you another way to tell your stories

Now, Pinterest wants to go further by offering its users a whole new way of expressing themselves: Story Pins.

Relatively close to stories on Instagram, Snapchat or even more recently Twitter, Story Pins therefore allow Pinterest users to tell a story by including videos or images and then share it with other users of the service.

By connecting to the application or service, they will therefore see bubbles appear above their pins and a click will suffice to display the corresponding stories.

Rather complete, the tool is not limited to a particular media and the Story Pins can therefore include photos, short sequences, sound, text or a little of all that at the same time.

Story Pins that are not ephemeral

Pinterest also relies on interactions by integrating a tagging system into its stories similar to that offered by other platforms.

With a subtlety that ultimately changes a lot of things. Story Pins are not fleeting stories. Contrary to what an Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter offers, these stories can therefore remain on the front page for several weeks or several months.

And this point is obviously important, because it also means that creators will potentially be able to reach a much larger audience than on competing platforms. These stories will not be limited to the home page of the service and they may also appear in search results and the various tabs of the application.

Only downside, not everyone can enjoy it yet. Pinterest preferred to operate with caution by limiting the function to a few key profiles like that of Michel Cymès, for example, or that of Anaïs Grangerac. It is nevertheless possible to request the activation of the function by going to this page and logging in to your account.

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