PixelBook: Google's new Chromebook on the run

Google is working well on a new machine powered by Chrome OS. Thanks to its sources, Droid-Life has indeed managed to get its hands on renderings representing the PixelBook and these are accompanied by a lot of information on its configuration or its price.

Google had therefore planned to do things big for its last press conference of the year. In addition to the Pixel 2, the Pixel 2 XL and the Google Home Mini, the company thus intended to provide us with a new nomadic machine running Chrome OS.

Pixelbook Googles New Chromebook On The Run

It will unfortunately not have the first announcement since its existence was confirmed overnight by a source of Droid-Life.

The PixelBook is revealed in pictures

The latter did not content itself with confirming the existence of this product and thus provided our colleagues with two reports accompanied by several information relating to its configuration.

The PixelBook will therefore be in the form of a laptop with neat finishes. Considering the space occupied by the keyboard, it should be rather compact and easy to transport.

Despite its size, the PixelBook will have a large glass block placed in the lower part of its base. Interestingly, Google has once again opted for a two-tone shell.

The slab will be surrounded by thick black borders, borders contrasting a lot with the general lines of the product.

The American giant could also have made an effort on this side and thus be inspired by what HP or Dell offer on their convertibles.

A bonus stylus

The second image is not lacking in interest either and it thus presents the machine with the hood closed… and its stylus. The PixelBook will obviously have a touchscreen and that's great news for budding artists and anyone who likes handwritten note taking.

As mentioned above, Droid-Life's source didn't just provide visuals, but also shared hints about the device's selling price. The PixelBook will be available in three storage capacities and it will be possible to choose a model with 128, 256 or 512 GB of storage.

On the price side, however, it will cost $ 1199, $ 1399 or $ 1749 to acquire this machine. Extremely high prices considering the prices charged by other manufacturers of Chromebooks.

Pixelbook Googles New Chromebook On The Run 1

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