PlayStation Plus: May 2021 free games

We may look for a common theme for the arrival of titles offered with the PlayStation Plus subscription for the month of May, this selection seems to do what it pleases: three games are on the program, including a title intended only for the PlayStation 5 and two more accessible for players on PlayStation 4.

These titles will be downloadable from May 4th and will remain available “free” to PlayStation Plus subscribers until May 31st.

PlayStation Plus: May 2021 free games

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  • Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last (PS5)
  • Battlefield V (PS4)
  • Stranded Deep (PS4)

The PlayStation 5 title for this month of May is certainly not in the lace: Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last offers crumpled-metal races and demolition derby sessions like we had not seen in video games for a long time … and for good reason, since it is the latest creation from Bugbear Entertainment, the studio behind the FlatOut series, missing since the unfortunate Ridge Racer Unbonded gap in 2012.

This is the PS5 version of this title initially released in 2018, taking advantage of the console's next-gen capabilities to offer a display in 60 frames per second.

Between total war and lonely shipwreck

Those who have not yet taken the step towards the new generation – and the opposite case, via PS5 backward compatibility – will be able to enjoy the two PlayStation 4 titles of this monthly selection, in two very different genres from each other. .

On the one hand, we find the latest title in the first-person shooter saga from developer DICE: Battlefield V is the headline for this month of May. After having explored the no man's land of the First World War in Battlefield 1 , Episode V takes a leap forward for a few decades in the midst of conflict between allies and Axis forces.

Finally, far from armed battles at 64, Stranded Deep will offer a perfectly anxiety-provoking getaway for those who dream of a wild vacation in full confinement. The Australians' title of Beam Team Game is presented as an open island survival game, where the player takes on the role of the sole survivor of a plane crash – any resemblance to a successful TV series would be perfectly coincidental – on “ a huge archipelago of the Pacific Ocean “. In addition to managing hunger and thirst, it will also be necessary to face the creatures that inhabit this paradisiacal setting isolated from all civilization.

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