pocketbook inkpad 3 pb740 review


pocketbook inkpad 3 pb740 review

Benefits of pocketbook inkpad 3 pb740:

It has a quality E-ink screen, with a size of 8 inches and a resolution of 300 ppi.

It is equipped with a touchscreen display, but also with buttons.

It has a generous memory (8 GB), which can be expanded (up to 32 GB).

You can also play audio books, through headphones or speakers.

Lighting is a present function, useful when you want to read at night.


The features found in this gadget offer a very pleasant experience, but for that you will have to invest quite a lot, because, compared to many other models online, it is a bit more expensive and not many people can afford it. It weighs 210 grams, and if you use it with a cover it can be more tiring to hold in your hand for a long time.



The screen features are a big plus with this gadget.

First of all, you will be surprised by the dimensions, because the diagonal is almost 8 inches. So, you will enjoy a reading surface as generous as that of an average book.

Then, the clarity is again a great advantage, because it is given by the resolution of 300 ppi, to observe all the details. To all this is added the E-ink screen, which offers an experience similar to that given by a normal book, in paper format.

pocketbook inkpad 3 pb740 review

There are two ways you can use this device, namely: touchscreen and buttons. Navigating the menu is easy if you use the touch function, because you simply press the option that interests you. In order to read your favorite volumes, it will be much more convenient for you to use buttons, because they are placed in such a way that the pages are easy to give.

If you want a virtual library as large as possible, this eBook offers you the chance to have it, because the memory it comes with is a generous one, of 8 GB. And this is not all. If it is not enough for you, with the help of a card you can expand it up to 32 GB. This way you will always be able to have audio books, music, pictures or anything else you find useful.

There are people who prefer to listen to books, not just read them. If you are also in this category, the Pocketbook Inkpad 3 could be a good purchase for you. You can play the content either through the speaker or through headphones, with an audio output. This way you can enjoy reading even when you want to do certain things around the house, when you travel or in all sorts of other situations where it is more difficult to read the text of a certain volume.

The advantage of lighting is another thing that delights the owners of this gadget. You don’t have to get out of bed when you almost fall asleep with the book in your hand, to turn off the light bulb, you don’t bother the person next to you if you want to read until midnight or long after. You turn on the lighting and everything is much simpler and more pleasant.

Conclusion after pocketbook inkpad 3 pb740 review:

If you want to buy aneBook reader ( some models listed here ) and you are looking for a truly high-performance model, then turn your attention to it, which will surprise you with: quality screen, useful functions, ergonomic design and generous memory, even if it requires a slightly larger financial investment.


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