Pom Toilet Paper Review

My Pomheter Paper Review is an easy, no fuss comparison of two of the most popular and widely used toilet paper products in America today – DLimolene and I’m Polly. These two toilet paper products have been around for quite some time now. In fact, DLimolene was one of the first toilet paper products in North America to incorporate a color printing process.

Pom Embossed 2 Ply Toilet Paper Reviews

Pom toilet paper amazon REVIEWS

 A Pom Polly review will show you that while the color printing process has its advantages – you still need to look out for many other quality aspects in a superior toilet paper product.

 Pom toilet vs DLimolene

A Pom is definitely more stylish than DLimolene. It’s a lot less expensive too, which makes it easier for many people to buy and more economical to run.

A quick trip to the grocery or drug store will show that pom’s are cheaper and last longer too. This means that you can save on the purchase and run the risk of it wearing out sooner than a comparable roll of paper. If you don’t use it as often as DLimolene, then it would be preferable for you.      Pom Toilet Paper Review Walmart

Downsides on material paper quality

However, there are definite downsides associated with using a poem like DLimolene. They tend to wear out a lot quicker than normal cotton tissue. That’s because they’re made out of a harder material and cotton is much more elastic and pliable. When you compare this to say, an unfolded DLimolene article of clothing, you’ll see a huge difference in flexibility. Paper gets wrinkles and creases and stretch marks easier than pom. There’s really not much of a comparison between the two.

The biggest thing I’d like to focus on in these Pom toilet Paper reviews is the smart aspect of the product. When you use your on product every day, you come into contact with it every single day. It becomes part of your routine. It’s not just a one-time-use product that’s disposable.

Now consider a similar situation where you’re not going to be touching the toilet paper. Think about all of those unsightly streaking and stains on your bathroom floor.

Spill on toilet paper insights

     That would be okay if you just mopped it up every so often. But what if you’re like most people? You spend most of your time in your bathroom – you don’t do a lot of “spills”.

In this case, pom toilet paper becomes really important. Not only is it less likely to leave your bathroom floor looking a litter box, it’s also a lot easier to clean up. Spills are a lot harder to get out when they’re on the ground and wet. A wet, you will cling to everything it can find until it’s completely soaked. Then it’s easy to wipe away.

Other options on the market

If you don’t have a pot toilet, there’s no need to fret. There are plenty of other options on the market. Just because you don’t have a pom shaped lid doesn’t mean you can’t get one. You can buy pom toilet papers that are shaped like poms or they can even be custom shaped.  Pom Toilet Paper Review 1

How to save omoney with toilet paper

Either way, pom toilet paper is still a worthy investment. Just be sure you pick up a package that contains enough for your needs. That way you can save money and not have to waste it on something you won’t use.

Once you do decide to buy pom toilet paper, pick up some cheap pom liner. You can buy the pom liner separately and use it where the pom toilet paper has been used. That way you can refresh your bathroom and never have to replace the paper.

Walmart  Pom toilet  embossedPom Embossed 2 Ply Toilet Paper Reviews Pom Toilet Paper Amazon Pom Toilet Paper Review Walmart Pom Toilet Paper Review 1 2-ply paper

Another way to use pom toilet paper is if you absolutely insist on having your own pom toilet. There are plenty of awesome looking pom toilets that you could put in your bathroom if you wanted to. The pom shape of the toilet paper allows them to stand out and look great. They also offer a lot more cleaning ability than regular toilet papers. You could probably just throw for toilet paper away after every use.

Informations before purchasing pom toilet paper case of 45 rolls

All in all, a pom toilet paper review can give you a lot of information to think about when looking at purchasing one of these great little inventions. Take your time and read all the reviews online, so you make the right decision for you.

Conclusion about this toilet paper roll

It’s actually a great idea to go to a store and try one out before you buy it because you will be able to write an honest and clear review that you can truly trust.

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