Popcorn Time: towards a legal offer?

Popcorn Time was born in Latin America, and more precisely in Buenos Aires. Very quickly, its designers had to face strong pressure from the film industry and they finally decided to throw in the towel just a few weeks after the launch of the first version of the solution.

However, before disappearing from the surface of the Internet, they had the very good idea to share their sources and several teams of developers then rushed into the breach to develop forks . In the batch, one can in particular quote PopcornTime.io .

Popcorn Time Towards A Legal Offer

The developers of PopcornTime.io are reportedly working on a version that only offers legal content.

At this time, we do not know anything about the members of the team in charge of the solution. It's not really a surprise but they all value their anonymity.

PopcornTime.io team is working on another app that will only offer legitimate content

However, the Nouvel Obs managed to speak at length with one of its developers, and more precisely with a certain “watdafox”.

He started working on Popcorn Time in his early days before joining PopcornTime.io last year in June. He takes care of a lot of things and he worked a lot on the software interface but also on some very specific functions.

It is notably thanks to it that users can now choose the font for their films' subtitles.

Anyway, he took advantage of the interview to come back to the legality issues raised by the solution. According to him, it's not really the tool that's problematic, but rather the use that is made of it. He also indicates that his comrades are often contacted by filmmakers wishing to promote their films.

Interesting, but the best is yet to come. Faced with these requests, the latter have indeed decided to develop a new version of the tool which will only offer legitimate content this time.

So of course, for the moment, this application is only one project among many others, but it must be admitted that such a tool could quite find its place on the market. In fact, it could even have a beneficial impact and thus allow novice filmmakers to make themselves known to the general public.


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