Popcorn Time version X released!

Popcorn Time allows Internet users to access a rich catalog of pirated series, anime and films through a simple, visual and very accessible tool. Well Porn Time offers the exact same thing but for porn content. Dorcel and all the other production companies might not like it.

Piracy has always existed, but the process has become considerably simpler over the years with the democratization of very high speed broadband. It is not even to say it.

Porn Time Popcorn Time Version X Released

Porn Time offers the exact same thing as Popcorn Time, but for adult movies.

This will undoubtedly surprise the youngest among you, but in my time, it took several days (sometimes several weeks) to download a movie or even a video game. The files were effectively divided into several different pieces and you had to recover them all one after the other, with your fingers crossed so that one of these parts was not corrupted.

Porn Time was developed from Popcorn Time sources

And for music, it was a bit the same, but the arrival of Napster in 1999 considerably democratized pirate downloads.

Either way, a lot has changed in recent years, thanks to ADSL and fiber. It only takes a few minutes or a few hours to download full seasons and feature films in high definition.

But now, the thing is, you have to master the subject a minimum to get started and that's probably what prompted a bunch of developers to create Popcorn Time. There, you no longer need to be an expert to watch films, you just have to install the software on the computer and launch a simple search.

As you probably already know, the solution very quickly found itself in the crosshairs of rights holders and its creators thus decided to throw in the towel to avoid heavy penalties. However, they had the very good idea to publish the sources of the software and many developers took it to create their own fork .

Porn Time is the latest creation of its kind and so it relies entirely on Popcorn Time sources. However, it does not offer the same content since it focuses on adult films.

And the best part about it is that it is available on most of the market platforms. You can therefore enjoy it on Windows, OS X or even Linux. Ultimately, it should also land on iOS and Android, but we will have to be patient because the applications are still under development.

If you want to know more about Porn Time, your best bet is to head over to the official project site, by following this link .


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