Pornhub now accepts more cryptocurrencies

Arguably the last few weeks have been pretty tough for the adult platform Pornhub. Although one of the most visited sites in the world, the latter received a hard blow when an article in the New York Times accused it of publishing videos showing scenes of rape or child pornography. One of the consequences of this scandal was the fact that the companies Visa and Mastercard decided to cut ties with the platform.

Faced with this situation, Pornhub had to turn to other payment methods to be able to continue to function normally. Thus, cryptocurrencies have become a kind of back-up for the site. Lately, we know that the platform has extended the list of cryptocurrencies that it accepts and among the newcomers, there is XRP.

Pornhub now accepts more cryptocurrencies
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According to reports, XRP is among the virtual currencies avoided by a number of companies due to some problem in the past.

A large selection of cryptocurrencies for users

Apart from XRP, the very last cryptocurrencies to be accepted by Pornhub are three in number. First there is the USDC stablecoins which started to be used last month, as reported by The Block site. Then there is also dogecoin or DOGE, as well as binance coin or BNB.

With these four new virtual currencies, Pornhub users can now use 16 different cryptocurrencies to pay for their premium subscription.

A good surprise for XRP

It was said earlier that the XRP cryptocurrency had gone through a bad phase in the past. Indeed, the currency has faced several controversies since its inception. The SEC, in particular, had accused Ripple of having led a sale of unregistered securities since the year 2013.

For his part, John McCaleb, one of the co-founders of the currency, was caught in the jar of jam. It turned out that he sold his XRP very regularly, which did not participate in the currency's confidence capital. Worse, it prompted more than a dozen foreign exchange companies to remove it from their list. Thus, having been chosen by Pornhub appears to be a step forward for XRP.

It is still too early to know if Pornhub's strategy to try to compensate for the lack of globally known payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard is effective. Indeed, not everyone uses cryptocurrencies.

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