Predator and his invisible camouflage land in Fortnite

It's been so long since we saw the Predator in the media that it almost seemed like we were back in the 90s – after the release of the movie The Predator by Shane Black and Confirmation of a sequel in November 2020, the 20th Century Fox alien is making an unexpected comeback in Fortnite.

A crossover that ultimately makes sense when we consider that the Predator of 1987 – or even better, Predators of 2010, is in the end only a Battle Royale on the scale of the big screen… But we will avoid getting too lost in the subject that interests us at the present time.

Predator and his invisible camouflage land in Fortnite

20th Century Fox / Epic Games

The Predator outfit is thus available in the Battle Pass for the current season of Fortnite , with other cosmetic items available for those who engage in additional quests as described in the official website press release .

In the galaxy, rare are the species as feared as the Yautjas, formidable warriors who stalk their prey for honor and their good pleasure. The latter followed Jones to extend his eternal quest for a worthy rival. Complete the Jungle Stalker Quests to unlock the Predator Outfit with the built-in Biomask emote activated, along with the unique Thermal Vision Spray and an emoticon.

The Predator also appears as a boss on the game map in classic battle royale mode – once defeated, it will leave behind its famous invisible camouflage technology allowing the lucky chosen one to enjoy it for a short while, with a few limits however. Usable after a 30-second cooldown, it will not be possible to equip a weapon or go swimming on pain of losing its invisibility.

Room for everyone

We can not say that Epic Games skimped on crossovers of all kinds when introducing its Point Zero arc during this fifth season of Fortnite content: the game was thus offered the presence of many guest stars from the world of cinema and television, first with the Star Wars universe with the Mandalorian himself decked out in Grogu (or Baby Yoda for close friends) and The Walking Dead with Daryl and Michonne.

The initiative has also extended to other video game franchises with two unofficial representatives of the PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the respective presence of Kratos ( God of War ) and Master Chief ( Halo ).

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